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How do I tell Gordon setter I love him?

Any intuitive owner of the Gordon setter can attest to the fact that one of the most beautiful gifts the dogs give us is their unconditional love. A Gordon Setter is always happy to see you, hug you, play – whatever it is! Dogs will love you because they are loyal because you are their master and caretaker. For this reason, they are always grateful to you, overflowing with unfiltered love, which has the title of “the best friend of mankind”.

Do you know how to tell your Gordon setter in your own words that you love them? So how can we express our love to our companions in our own words? It’s an interesting question because we often think we’re giving back in all the right ways, but some of the things we’re doing aren’t exactly right. For example, many dog owners like to share their food or snacks with their Gordon setters – which we naturally tend to do, because for others – it’s a way to express love and care. However, in the Gordon Setter world, this is not the case, let alone the fact that it is unhealthy for your dog’s health and overall obedience. The dog’s response to your gestures and body language may be unknown to you, so we provide you with five simple techniques to help you tell your dog in dog language that you love him or her. Try it, and you may be surprised to find that you and your dog can feel a deeper connection almost instantly.

Training and positive reinforcement

A good way to express your love is through positive reinforcement. Dogs thrive on structure and learning. Training will show your dog the way they like to motivate, whether it’s food, praise or play. Your dog will see you as the provider of his favorite things. He will understand that when he works with you, he will make you happy, and your reward will make him happy. When you both try to make each other happy, you are both expressing your love for each other.

Read to your Gordon Setter

Do you read to your children while you sleep? Let Gordon Setter join you. Even if your children don’t read well, you won’t like it. Lie on the ground, take out a good book, even a small story. Try to invigorate your eyes and soothe you with a soft tone. Let’s make it a night ritual that both of you will enjoy!


Caressing Gordon Setter

Your Gordon Setter is eager to get your attention, even a few minutes of back massage, abdominal friction, and ear scratches can do a lot. Speak to him in a calm, soothing tone. Tell him he’s a good boy. Give him a safe and healthy treatment, which is especially for dogs. Treat him as if he were a part of your family because he would do anything for you and ask no questions.

An in-depth conversation with the Gordon Setter

It may sound silly at first, but your Gordon Setter may not mind if you talk to him more. Always tell your dog your day. Rehearse your business speech with them. Talk about other things in your head. You may ask, how much of what you say is really sinking. Research shows that the average Gordon Setter can understand 165 words, if you use them enough, or even more. Benefits: the benefits of talking to your dog are not entirely one-sided. Previous studies have shown that talking to and stroking dogs can help lower blood pressure in humans.