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How do I stop my Golden Retriever from peeing in the house?

Some friends have a Golden Retriever at home, so cleaning the house is a daily necessity. Like some owners just tidied up the room and found in the corner of the dog just excrement. That’s a really angry thing to do because you have to clean it all over again. So when you take your dog home, you should make it a habit of going to the toilet. So how do you train a golden retriever to go to the bathroom where its master tells it to?


In fact, after the golden retriever has been on the toilet, the fight against it is a very meaningless thing. Some of the grumpier owners may drag the dog to the front of its feces. Press his head down so he can smell it, then stand around and curse the dog. This approach is especially wrong because the owner will only make the dog feel like he is being abused. And the master must also avoid talking loudly, and the voice of the rough situation. Because the golden retriever thinks it’s a terrible thing to go to the bathroom. Even if the owner then gently talk to it, it will be scared before now dare not go to the toilet.

Points to note:

When we train a dog to go to the bathroom, there are a few things we should be aware of. It’s about keeping your dog’s diet healthy and his life in order. If you don’t have a regular bathroom break, you won’t be able to train your dog. Also, if the dog is sick, the owner must take it to the first treatment. Once he’s recovered from his illness, start training him again. If the dog can go to the bathroom in a designated place, it can slowly expand the scope of his activities. Wait until it can fully adapt to the toilet this habit, the owner in the removal of space restrictions on the golden retriever so that it can be free movement in the home.


Training method:

In the process of training a dog, the owner must be particularly patient. Don’t be in such a hurry and keep pushing it. Even if sometimes a successful situation, the master must not relax down. You have to keep at it until you’re sure that goldilocks can go to the bathroom on her own. Some dogs are kept indoors if they haven’t been trained. There’s a good chance they’ll be defecating all over the house. So if it is just an adopted home puppy, do not take to the master bedroom. And don’t give it a chance to wander off. It should be given a small space to move around, and then spread the newspaper a little further away from where it sleeps.


Because Golden Retriever dogs are also relatively clean, so they will never eat in their own place to go to the toilet. When all is said and done, the owner will simply observe the dog in silence. Like different dogs will have different behavior, so the master must have the patience to observe them. Wait until the owner has a good look at what their dog does before they go to the bathroom, and wait until they do it again. The owner can then take them to the designated place to use the toilet, and wait until later. And blondie will know where to go to the bathroom. Click here for more information about golden retriever habitat.