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How Do I Stop My Chihuahua from Peeing in the House?

Typically, the Chihuahua defecates about 30 minutes after eating, or about 15 minutes after drinking water. It’s a good time to be extra careful. If we find the dog sniffing around, please be on high alert. He’s looking for a place to go to the bathroom. So how do we stop Chihuahua from peeing in the house?


Step 1:

Dogs usually wake up in the morning, the general will defecate once. When you see the Chihuahua wake up, you should take it to the place where you want him to go to the bathroom and let him stay there for a while, and at the same time, we have to use a special tone of voice to say “hurry up” and so on to the dog (this we must insist on doing, even to the dog grow up to often use this command, the dog will really understand. They will soon know that your password is to urge him to go to the toilet
Chihuahuas defecate many, many times, so most people like to let them first in the paper pad or toilet paper. Some dogs use a diaper pad, but some dogs hate it. We can also use newspapers. In the beginning, the dog will not know that the newspaper is for him to excrete, so we can use the newspaper to suck up his urine, and then put the one that sucks the urine on top of many newspapers (about 7 or 8). Don’t throw it away yet, next time you see a dog sniffing around, pick him up in time, put him in the paper, he’ll smell the paper that’s already dry, and we’ll be there, and if he runs out, we’ll grab him and put him in the paper. You can start by spreading the newspaper out over a larger area, and then gradually reduce the size of the newspaper. Then all you have to do is pick up your dog and place him on the newspaper whenever he needs to go to the bathroom (sniff around) or is in the bathroom (in the wrong place). Every day Chihuahua leaves a piece of newspaper with its excrement on it, and after a few days, the dog knows it has to go to the newspaper. Once he gets used to it, we can put out clean newspapers every day, because the dog knows the smell of newspaper to go to the toilet.

Step 2:

The next steps are relatively simple, we’re going to slowly shrink the size of the newspaper (from two sheets to one sheet, to half a sheet). And can slowly change the newspaper place, the newspaper slowly to the door, and so the dog used to go to the toilet in the newspaper at the door, you can take the newspaper away, the dog will go to the toilet to find the newspaper at the door, you see this movie, immediately take him outside to go to the toilet.

how-do-i-stop-my-chihuahua-from-peeing-in-the-houseStep 3:

Once your Chihuahua dog has learned the moves above, you can take him out at five regular times throughout the day. (preferably 20 to 30 minutes after your dog has eaten.) If your dog has to go to the bathroom after 5 minutes, take him out, too. These will be extra, not less than 5 times. Over time, the dog will learn that those five times were for him to go to the bathroom. Use the bathroom code you gave him on the outside until he completes his mission. When you’re done, you’d better rub him down and give verbal encouragement and praise to let them know they’re doing the right thing. Since dogs have a biological clock, it’s best to have five fixed times. So the dog will realize he has to pee outside. Once your dog is able to take full advantage of these 5 times and doesn’t have to use the bathroom at home, you can do this for a while, then slowly switch from 5 times to 3. (typically, if your dog is small and you have to feed him four times a day, take him out five times a day, once in the morning, and again half an hour after each meal. Once your dog is used to going outside to the bathroom, and as he gets older, you’ll feed him three times a day, and then you can go out three times a day, maybe in the morning, half an hour after lunch, and then once before bed.
Then your Chihuahua might be able to go to the bathroom on a regular basis! To be reminded, in the early stages of training, take the dog outside, give the dog a maximum of five minutes to go to the bathroom, and if he doesn’t move in five minutes, take him home and put him in a cage immediately, let the dog know that if he doesn’t go to the bathroom outside, he won’t have a chance until the next time you take him out.