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How do I stop my Australian cattle dog from nipping?

If your Australian Cattle dog won’t stop nipping, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Nipping is normal for Australian Cattle dogs. It takes a lot of patience and determination to teach an Australian Cattle dog to stop nipping. And, given their high IQ, you have to be smarter than them. Fortunately, there are many strategies that can be used to change the direction of their behavior and provide a way out for their natural instinctive behavior.

The history of Australian Cattle dog

Nipping is normal for Australian Cattle dogs. The Australian Cattle Dog Club added some details: it’s a breed that likes to think independently. It’s carefully designed to move the stubborn cow, it “lowers down from the back, grabs the hock of the load-bearing leg, and then avoids the usual kicking behind. A non cooperative cow will not let the dog down, on the contrary, the Australian cow will be more determined to complete their work In terms of Australian Cattle dog personality, the American Dog Club describes these dogs as “alert, very smart, brave and trustworthy, with an implicit ability to responsibility.”
Nipping is normal for Australian Cattle dogs. In fact, to this day, many Australian Cattle dogs are still employed on farms with a large area where they can work and play.

How do I stop my Australian Cattle dog from nipping?


  1. Be careful with children
    Nipping is normal for Australian Cattle dogs. Young children tend to move, scream and run quickly while playing, while shorter Australian Cattle dog pups may be excited by this, and may cause chase and bite. As a result of this contact, these puppies may learn to play rough and may not learn how to interact correctly with children, who may be injured. In addition, everyone needs to learn to engage in improper ways in order to prevent puppies. If your Australian Cattle dog is prevented from biting an adult, but then allowed to bite a child, there is no consistency, it will confuse your dog. When children play, you’d better put Australian Cattle dog in a separate place until it learns to better control its impulses. Remember: the more times dogs are allowed to engage in inappropriate behavior, the better they are at rehearsing. skill comes from practice.how-do-i-stop-my-australian-cattle-dog-from-nipping
  2. Use offensive training techniques
    Nipping is normal for Australian Cattle dogs. Buy a Australian Cattle Dog.
  3. Teach your dog to talk softly.
    This exercise should only be performed on Australian Cattle dog with a certain degree of occlusion inhibition. If you have an adult dog or a puppy with a small bite inhibition, this can cause finger injury. Nipping is normal for Australian Cattle dogs. Be careful not to insert the treatment too deep into the back, because those molars have considerable crushing force and you don’t want your fingers to be accidentally there. You can put a snack between your thumb and forefinger / middle finger, let it stand out a little bit, and then insert the snack directly into the dog’s mouth. If his teeth are rough, don’t let go. Talk to him calmly, move slowly, wait for him to nibble gently. At that time, praise him and let go. Repeat a few times. When he understands this idea, you can add a “gentle” language prompt to remind him to be gentle with his teeth every time you put food into his mouth. Remember to practice quietly at the beginning, because if your dog can’t control his bite when he’s relaxed, he can’t control it when he’s highly excited. Nipping is normal for Australian Cattle dogs.