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How do German shepherds do with other dogs?

To understand a German shepherd‘s behavior, you have to go deep into his heart – you need to understand what he thinks. Similar to people, if something external aggravates German shepherds, then these annoying things are usually directly associated with what happens inside German shepherds. From this perspective, your research will give you the best chance to understand why one German shepherd is aggressive to another dog. In turn, this will give you the best opportunity to address this behavior. Now let’s take a closer look at why German Shepherds are aggressive to another dog.


Fear due to the lack of proper socialization of German Shepherd Dogs

When a German Shepherd is still a dog, it is one of the most important things you can do with him properly. If not, you can make sure that he remains calm and calm in the new situation. These include new dogs, cats, people, or any other animal. Interacting with dogs essentially means that you take the time to adapt your dog to other people, animals and the environment. By spending time in new and unfamiliar environments, with new and unfamiliar people and animals, your dog begins to understand that these things are just part of everyday life. The other side of familiarity is fear. Fear can lead to aggression, and if a dog is properly socialized from an early age, it will show aggression towards other dogs. Unfortunately, many German shepherd dog owners, especially first-time sheep owners, ignore this basic process. It’s very easy to get very devoted to love your German shepherd dog. When you are busy playing all kinds of interesting games with your German shepherd dog, the time seems to have passed.


How to socialize your German shepherd?

Although playtime is a good and important activity, you need to find a proper balance between play and training if you want to participate in your dog. There is no doubt that socialization is training. When your German shepherd dog is around you, he seems to be very adaptable, but when he comes into contact with other dogs, the real test is revealed. Usually, German Shepherd owners are surprised when their dog attacks another dog for no reason. What they don’t see is that there is a clear reason – and the reason is that they neglect to spend time and effort to socialize their dogs properly and effectively. Proper association with a German shepherd dog is quite simple. Below, we summarize some simple things that you can accompany your German shepherd dog to facilitate proper socialization of him.