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How can you tell if a Belgian Malinois is pure?

The body of Belgian Malinois is often described as a square because its legs and topline look square from the side. The chest is deep. The top line is horizontal and slightly tilted at the horse’s shoulder. The overall size of the head is proportional to the body. The skull is flat and of equal width and length. The muzzle is a little pointed, with a length equal to the top of the skull, with a moderate stop. The nose is black, and so are the closed lips. The teeth bite in scissors or a horizontal manner. Medium-sized almond-shaped eyes are brown. The erect ears are triangular. The bottom of the tail is strong, and the bones extend to the hock. The feet are shaped like cats. Wolf claws may be removed. The double coat is short and straight. Hair color from light brown to red, then to mahogany and then to black, the hair tip is black. The mask and ears are black. Under the body, the tail and tail are a lighter fawn. The hair on the neck looks like a collar because it’s a little longer.


The Temperament of pure Belgian Malinois

The Belgian Malinois is one of the four Belgian shepherd dogs. He is a very intelligent and obedient dog with a strong protective and territorial instinct. Socialize well to prevent it from becoming shy or sensitive. Belgian Malinois needs an experienced master who is firm but not heavy-handed. If you are tough or bossy, it becomes uncooperative. Dog owners need a confident, innate authority. Consistent rules must be made and clear. This breed is instinctively protected, so it should be trained and socialized well from childhood. Puppies should be socialized at birth. Good for work and competition obedience, these dogs are excellent police and guard dogs. This kind of work is their main occupation at present. But if their owners can challenge their ideas with leadership, they will become excellent pets. They are always alert, alert, and loyal. Belgian Malinoisget along well with their children. The breed needs to be part of the family, not in a kennel. They need leadership, daily exercise, training and company, because without it, they can become destructive and difficult to deal with.


The pure Belgian Malinois is energetic

The pure Belgian Malinois is energetic, strong in thinking, and understanding. It takes a job to do, especially when you’re dealing with a work line. Be careful when introducing dog pets. It can be quite dominant over other dogs and needs a master to communicate with the dog, which is an unwelcome behavior. If it interacts properly with cats and other pets, it won’t have any problems. Belgian Malinois may instinctively exhibit herding behaviors, such as chasing and circling, moving effortlessly for hours, and biting people’s heels. They must be taught not to treat others like this. This is a very demanding dog. It needs an experienced master because it is easy to control unless the host knows how to deal with him. The way owners treat dogs can vary greatly in temperament and aggressiveness. Talk to experienced people before you buy your dog. These dogs are usually impressive; don’t buy them just based on their track record and appearance. Only when you fully understand what this means can you adopt this kind of dog. Alpha height: male 24-26 inches (61-66 cm) female 22-24 inches (56-61 cm) weight: 55-65 pounds (24-29 kg)