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How can we take care of a Siberian Husky in winter?

Now that winter is here, do you keep Husky at home, and do you keep them warm? It’s not too late for new owners to learn how to keep them warm and how to get them through the winter. Generally speaking, Husky is not afraid of the cold, under normal circumstances, we do not have to worry too much, the Diet of huskies in winter should be paid attention to, especially the small huskies, the stomach is not good, we had better keep feeding Husky dog food, if it is a 3-month-old puppy, dog food can be soft with warm water to eat. To improve Husky’s resistance in winter, we can buy dog milk powder to feed them. In addition, Husky puppies are prone to diarrhea in winter, we need to prepare some medicine, or serious need to go to the pet hospital to check. If the weather is particularly cold, we can get Husky a small cushion at night. Although Husky is not afraid of the cold if the dog is exposed to a large temperature difference in a short time, such as it is very cold outside, then suddenly go home to room temperature and very hot, so the dog easy to catch a cold. Here are some specific tips to help us raise Husky in the winter.


1. Keep Husky warm

It’s important that we focus on keeping Husky warm in the winter, because if they catch a cold, it can lead to a variety of diseases, if we don’t want them to get cold, we have to give them a warm nest, because the invasion of cold wind and moisture is very bad for them, so we have to put them at this time to lie down on the mat a little bit warmer, to make them feel warm and comfortable, and to keep their little nests from the wind.

2. Watch Husky’s diet

We all know that Husky is a voracious eater, and their gluttony in winter is likely to kill them. If they graze on cold food or drink raw water, their intestines and stomachs will soon become uncomfortable, so we can’t feed them straight from the fridge just to save time. They need to use energy to keep warm when it’s cold, and we need to give them a proper vitamin supplement, to build up their resistance.


3. Exercise regularly

We can’t take Husky out for a walk-in cold, windy winter. They need plenty of exercises, but they can’t walk in a cold, damp environment, we can try to choose to take them for a walk in the afternoon when there is plenty of sunshine because the temperature will be relatively high this time of the day, they will not get cold so easily, they can adapt to normal weather, however, we can not rule out unforeseen circumstances, so the necessary measures we still have to do well.