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How can we take care of a Samoyed in winter?

Samoyed is very docile, not aggressive, easy to get along with, no matter the old children can play with it, suitable for use as a family companion dog. And when Samoyed finds a master, he’s more attached to him than you think. Like their ancestors, Samoyed loved to sleep next to his master’s bed. Although Samoyed is a medium-sized dog, he is known for being a coward. For example, sometimes when it rains and thunders, samoyed will be afraid to go out of the atmosphere for a long time, dare not move, or have been to the master’s arms drill.


Here are the tips we have to do to take care of Samoyed in the winter:

1. Avoid grooming and trimming your dog during the cold season, even if samoyed already has a lot of hair. If Samoyed’s fur is too short, the dog loses heat very quickly and the heat is lost, so it’s natural for him to be particularly afraid of the cold.

2. In the winter we have to reduce the number of times to give little Sam a bath, bath much, although very clean, but also easy to let the dog catch a cold. Especially after the bath, we must use the hairdryer warm air drying, and then let the dog in the indoor activities, try not to go out that day, or the dog is very easy to catch a cold.

3. If Samoyed has to go outside to play, especially if it’s raining or snowing, the dog’s fur is wet. We must not wait for the dog to air dry naturally, to timely drying or drying, or it is easy to damage the dog’s internal resistance system.

4. We must pay attention to the sanitation management when we tidy up samoyed’s residence, even if it is ventilated, to ensure air circulation and reduce the peculiar smell. In the cold season, we should pay attention to the dog body under the matting, matting should be timely drying, do not let the mat is always damp. Over time, Samoyed’s health deteriorated.


5.  We need to balance the diet, Samoyed is afraid of cold because physical fitness is not strong, at this time it is necessary to pay attention to even give the dog added nutrition, especially to add protein, fat, increase the body heat dogs, to build up the dog’s resistance.

Above are some of the things we should pay attention to when we take care of Samoyed in the winter: Firstly, there’s the diet, Samoyed’s metabolism goes into high gear during the cold months as they conserve energy for the winter, when the dog’s need for nutrition is much greater, properly increase the amount of dog food to meet the feeding needs of dogs. We should also remember to give the dog proper hydration because the winter weather is cold, the number of times the dog will drink water and the overall number will be significantly reduced, not enough water to the dog’s digestion. We should also pay attention to the cold and warmth, although Samoyed has a thick body fur, but in the cold winter, cold weather, when out to add a piece of clothing. Keep the dog Kennel dry at home.