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How can we take care of a Pomeranian in winter?

When raising Pomeranians in winter, owners must master the scientific method, because feeding and maintenance are issues that need to be considered, and for Pomeranian, their health is the most important thing, many owners do not know how to feed and care for a pomeranian scientifically, which puts the Pomeranian’s health at risk. It is not difficult to raise a healthy Pomeranian. Pomeranian owners know that in the winter it will be very afraid of the cold, get into bed would not come out, some friends think it is just lazy, its fur is so thick, how can it be afraid of the cold? In fact, this is the wrong idea. Because the Pomeranian sebum layer is very thin, their ability to regulate body temperature is relatively weak, so the winter is the season of high risk caused by its various disease symptoms, so we should pay special attention to the Pomeranian dog winter care and maintenance.


1. Increase the frequency of feeding

Pomeranian in winter physical energy consumption is faster, owners can properly increase the amount of dog food and feed times, eat homemade food dog owners can properly supplement some meat and vitamin nutrients. We want to make sure the dog has plenty of water to drink. In cold weather, feeders need to be properly warmed and not let Pomeranian eat frozen water.

2. Give nutritious food

We can give Pomeranian more protein, vitamin D, vitamin E foods. For example vegetables, egg yolk, seaweed food, and so on. These foods are rich in vitamins and minerals that help the Pomeranian’s hair grow and shine.


3. Nursing

As the weather gets colder and colder, owners take longer and longer time between baths for their dogs. However, although we can not always give the dog a good bath to care for the hair, the owners of dog hair care work are still essential. Because, for dogs, hair care can not only prevent their hair knots, let them go out every day with shiny smooth hair, but also promote their blood circulation, good health.

When combing the Pomeranian, the owners should follow a rule, that is, first from the dog’s head began to comb, then gradually comb to the dog’s tail, comb direction should also be from the outside of the root comb. If you do not follow this rule, then in the process of grooming, it is easy to irritate the dog’s skin, make the dog feel uncomfortable, and thus do not cooperate with the owner of grooming.

Pomeranians have longer coat hair but are less resistant to cold. Generally speaking, Pomeranians will feel cold when the temperature drops below 10℃. At this point, the owner needs to prepare him to keep warm, turn on the air conditioner indoors, and put a mat in the doghouse. And when the host takes Pomeranians beautiful to go out, want to Pomeranians beautiful put on good clothes and protect the dog’s foot, lest it frostbites cold.