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How can we take care of a Golden Retriever in winter?

A lot of people like Golden Retriever, it’s gentle and loyal to his owner, and it’s easier to feed than other dogs, but there’s no need to worry about feeding a golden retriever in winter, because the golden hair on the body of thick fur has a certain ability to keep out the cold, as long as we do not often go out under the cold will not have any problems. When we take care of the golden retriever in winter, first of all, we must ensure that the dog’s living environment is clean and hygienic and observe the puppy for more than 7 days under normal diet and living conditions, if there are no obvious health problems, take the dog to be vaccinated. Follow your pet doctor’s instructions during the vaccination period, such as not to bathe for a week after vaccination to avoid unnecessary infections. We also need to note that the most important thing for a golden retriever that has just been brought home is to grow up healthily. We just need to make sure that he has a healthy diet and a healthy body. Don’t rush to train him, it’s also a great time to train your dog to trust and be loyal to you. Although the Golden Retriever is a long-haired dog, it is afraid of the cold. Now that winter is here and the weather is getting very cold, here are some things to watch out for when caring for your golden retriever:


1. Get medical attention when your Golden Retriever is sick

Autumn and winter weather is always erratic, first hot and cold, and then suddenly cold, which is easy to lead to a dog cold and fever, so once found a sick dog, do not hesitate to see a doctor.

2. Deworming care

Autumn and winter parasites, such as fleas. They will run into their long blond hair to escape the cold weather, so in this season, we should always have some dog insecticide, spray dogs, to kill these pesky parasites.

3. Sun exposure

The Sun’s ultraviolet rays help the dog absorb calcium better, but also play a role in sterilization. So, when the weather is good and the temperature is comfortable, take the dog out to bask in the sun.


4. To add fat to your Golden Retriever

We want to improve the dog’s diet, we can appropriately feed some of the food containing fat, to supplement the dog’s body heat required, but to pay attention not to add excessive, so as not to gain weight.

5. Prevent arthritis

When it’s cold, we don’t want the golden retriever to sleep in a damp, cold place. We can put a thick mat on the dog or buy a large Kennel. We should keep the dog warm to prevent dog arthritis.

From the moment the golden retriever comes into our house, they see our emotions, our attitudes, our lifestyle, and that’s how they know you and know you, we have to be nice to our dogs to gain their trust. We must follow the above recommendations to take care of the dog, so as to ensure that the golden retriever can go through the cold winter safely and healthily. Click here for more information about golden retriever habitat.