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How can we take care of a Golden Retriever in hot summer?

In the summer, because of the special skin structure and hair characteristics, golden retriever can not stand muggy environment, need to pay more attention. So we have to be extra careful when we feed the golden retriever in the summer. When we are out in the open, we move our golden retriever kennel out of direct sunlight and keep it clean at all times. We have to give good dog food at a certain time, never let it share the human diet. Golden retrievers spend most of their time outdoors, so we can train them to defecate outdoors. More and more people keep the golden retriever indoors, but only when the owner’s family is present can it move around freely. It can be dangerous to go out or at night, so make sure Golden Retriever gets back in his cage. when we take care of the Golden Retriever, we must not make the following mistakes, each is not good for the dog!


Don’t Shave Golden Retriever

Because of the hot environment, golden retriever hair will be much more than usual, but there is no special reason, such as skin disease, please do not shave his hair. Maybe we thought shaving a dog’s hair would cool it down? But that’s actually wrong. A shaved golden retriever is more likely to catch a cold, get stomach problems, and catch a cold. Shaving it yourself may also damage its hair follicles Golden retriever with poor mental endurance may also suffer from depression. So, don’t shave Golden Retriever.

Don’t bathe Golden Retriever too often

Although swimming cools the dog down, we can’t always take our golden retriever for a swim. Because the dog’s fur will secrete a natural layer of oil if the frequent swimming will destroy this layer of oil so that the dog skin disease. We can limit the number of times the golden retriever swims to once or twice a week.


 The golden retriever’s walking time

We must not take the golden retriever out for a walk in the high-temperature period, its body will absorb the heat, easy to get sunstroke. And we can’t leave goldilocks alone in the car. We’d better take a golden retriever for a walk in the morning or evening when the temperature is more comfortable.

Keep your golden retriever hydrated

On a hot summer day, the water absorbs the heat generated in the dog’s body and quickly transfers the heat, which is lost through evaporation to maintain a constant body temperature. So, if the owner forgot to prepare enough water for Golden Retriever, he would lose heat from lack of water in his body.

Keep the cutlery clean

Whether it is summer or other seasons, after feeding the dog every day, its water bowl, rice bowl to clean, to avoid bacteria and viruses breeding in tableware, to ensure the golden retriever diet health and physical health. Click here for more information about golden retriever habitat.