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How Can We Take Care of a Chihuahua in Winter?

How are we supposed to take care of a Chihuahua in winter? Many owners know that Chihuahua’s breeding requires more effort. For example, Chihuahua Winter, how should we take care of Chihuahua? What’s more, Chihuahua’s stomach is more fragile, prone to gastrointestinal discomfort. We must pay attention to the reasonable arrangement of Chihuahua’s diet, must maintain the dog’s diet science reasonable. We can usually buy Chihuahua dog food, which is safer. In this cold winter, we always worry that the vulnerable Chihuahua will be cold, so this winter, how should the master take care of Chihuahua? Don’t worry, let’s have a look together now.


Keep Warm

In the winter, people need to keep warm, in fact, Chihuahuas also need to keep warm. We need to put on thick clothes, we can also prepare Chihuahua clothes for the cold. A Chihuahua’s house also needs a little more warmth. If Your Chihuahua’s house is outdoors, it’s a good idea to move your Chihuahua indoors during the cold winter months to keep the Chihuahua out of the cold. If the Chihuahua is young, it’s all the more reason to wear a little extra thermal underwear.

Clean and bathe

From a hygienic point of view, we should always bathe our chihuahuas. This is very necessary. In the dead of winter, a Chihuahua needs a bath. However, after bathing the Chihuahua, we still have to remember to use the hairdryer, the Chihuahua’s hair dry, so that the Chihuahua will not be cold. We could schedule A full-body bath for the Chihuahua. In normal times, when you see a spot on Chihuahua’s body that’s dirty, it’s better to wash that particular spot first.

Build up the Chihuahua’s strength

If we want to keep out the cold in winter, we must improve our physical fitness. In winter, Chihuahuas need to exercise. Diet and exercise are required. We can usually go out for a walk with a Chihuahua, Chihuahua more run, walk, is also able to exercise.


The temperature is cold in winter, we should pay attention to the dog cold insulation and sunbathing to prevent respiratory disease and rheumatism in winter. In winter, we should keep the kennel warm and cold. We will move the Kennel to the drape at the entrance of the kennel against the cold wind; second, the mattresses should be thick and should be changed frequently and exposed to the sun to keep dry. We also should pay attention to proper ventilation, keep the kennel air clean and fresh, reduce ammonia, prevent the occurrence of respiratory disease. Third, when the weather is sunny and warm, we should take the dog out for activities, sunbathing, to enhance physical fitness, improve disease resistance. We’re gonna need some more lactic acid tablets at home. If our Chihuahua has diarrhea and vomits during the winter, give it one. If our own Chihuahua dog accidentally caught a cold, we must take the dog to the pet hospital, don’t forget to put on thick clothes for him in case the cold is aggravated.