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How can we take care of a Alaskan Malamute in winter?

Now into the cold winter, many people in their own clothes to keep warm, maybe worried about the Alaskan dog cold, want to give it to keep warm, then Alaskan winter cold? Alaska is a shaggy dog with a thick coat of hair on the outside, and Alaskan Malamute used to live in the cold north, where it was very hardy, but Alaska is not immune to the cold. Whether an Alaskan dog is cold in winter depends on the temperature and the state of Alaska itself. If the temperature is too low for him or during his puppy years, he will be cold.


What should we do if it’s cold for Alaskan Malamute?

1. It’s best not to trim your Alaskan dog’s fur during the cold season, even if it’s already abundant. Alaskan hair keeps you warm during the winter months. If the Alaskan coat is too short, the dog will lose heat very quickly, the body heat loss naturally will be particularly afraid of the cold.

2. We should reduce the number of baths we give to Alaskans in the winter, as frequent showers are more likely to give the dog a cold. When we’re done bathing Alaska, we have to use a hairdryer to warm the air and dry it, and then keep Alaska indoors.

3. If we must go out to play, especially if it’s raining or snowing, don’t wait for the dog to air dry, blow dry, or dry, or it could easily damage the dog’s internal resistance system.

4. We must pay attention to the sanitary management of our homes in Alaska, even if they are ventilated, so as to ensure air circulation and reduce odors. To the cold season, pay attention to the dog body under the Mat, Mat should be timely drying, do not let the mat is always damp, a long time, easy cold into the body.

5. Finally, a balanced diet, Alaska is afraid of cold because physical fitness is not strong, at this time we have to pay attention to even give the dog added nutrition, especially to add protein, fat, increase the body heat dogs, to build up the dog’s resistance.

Can we dress clothes for Alaskan Malamute in winter?

It’s cold in Alaska. You can wear it when you go out. Alaska itself is very hairy and the average cold temperature is not affected, but if the weather is too cold, we can take it out of the house, or it can put on suitable clothing to protect it from the cold.

Can we shave in Alaskan Malamute in the winter?

We’d Better Not Shave Alaska in the winter. Alaska hair itself only needs to be trimmed, not to mention the low temperature of winter, shaved after losing the protection of hair, easy to catch a cold.


Tips for winter rearing in Alaskan Malamute:

1. Even though it’s cold in winter, we can’t keep Alaskan dogs indoors. We need to take them out for walks and exercise regularly.

2. Feeding and energizing Alaskan dogs in winter is a top priority, as they need to get enough nutrients and energy to be able to withstand the cold in winter. In Cold Temperatures, Alaskan dogs consume a lot of heat. Therefore, we should add cream, milk, and foods with a high content of vitamin A and fat to our diet in winter, this kind of feed can quickly add heat, enhance the cold resistance of Alaskan dogs.