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How can we make Alaskan Malamute to get along with their owners or other dogs?

After we take the Alaskan puppy home, how do we get the Alaskan puppy to get along with its owner or other dogs? This is a problem that troubles many people. Here’s a look at some of the more useful ways Alaskan dogs and people can get along with dogs.


1. The necessities to train Alaskan dogs to get along with others

Alaskan dogs are typically friendly but don’t get along with every dog. So Alaskan dogs should be exposed to dogs from a very young age and develop good social relationships. If we don’t keep the Alaskan dogs in line, the dogs will get worse. So, at a very young age, we want him to be trained in good social relations so that he can learn how to get along with other dogs.

2. How to train an Alaskan puppy to communicate with other dogs

Alaskan puppies who do not have contact with other dogs, do not know the language of their own kind, often misunderstand the meaning of other dogs, and are likely to cause Alaskan puppies to see other dogs in a very timid situation. This kind of cowardice can be manifested through aggressive behavior, making the dog aggressive! So, at 2 or 3 months of age in the Alaskan puppy, we’re going to be training in social relationships! But the Alaskan puppy 3-4 months of this period of time is very contradictory: On the one hand, the puppy has just completed two shots of immunization, but also one shot to strengthen the needle, should try to avoid contact with other dogs. But on the one hand, social bonding requires a lot of contact with other dogs. The only solution is for the owner to invite some immune and healthy, docile puppies to the house, in order to establish their Alaskan puppies and other dogs good social relations.


3. How can Alaskan dogs be more family-friendly?

The owner has to teach the young Alaskan dog to be petted, and this starts at a very young age. In the meantime, find some friends who like dogs to come over and help Alaskan dogs learn how to face strangers properly. At this point, Alaskan dogs should not show any aggressive behavior, nor should they try to control their owners’ behavior. For example, Alaskan dogs should not be allowed to decide when to play, never treat a puppy as cute or it will increase the dominance of the Alaskan puppy.