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How can I make my Maltese hair fluffy?

Generally, a Maltese dog has a long coat. The smooth and clean coat will greatly improve the image of a Maltese. Due to the plasticity of its coat, its coat is often trimmed to various shapes, but the original shape is still the main one.

Modification of the head of the Maltese dog:

We should pay special attention to the decoration of the head during the hairdressing of the Maltese dog. In order to prevent blocking the sight, the hair around its eyes should be trimmed off. At ordinary times, we should try to avoid the Maltese dog’s hair wet, which will make the dog’s hair easy to knot. The owner of a Maltese dog should have sufficient patience. As the hair of a Maltese dog is easy to knot, we must often comb the hair of the dog and comb the hair knot carefully.

We usually give the dog a hairspray before the hairdressing, to prevent the dog’s hair knot. Sometimes the dog’s hair knotting is because the dog’s hair is too boring, which means that the dog’s hair has a problem, needs careful care, usually try to give the dog to eat some hair protection food. We should always comb the hair of the Maltese dog to ensure the vitality of the dog’s skin, and regularly deworming the dog.
Maltese have beautiful and elegant hair, which is also a symbol of their noble identity and will make them look energetic and lovely. In addition to regular daily maintenance, diet adjustment can also help their hair more beautiful and supple.

Diet of Maltese dogs:

When there is enough protein in the body of a Maltese dog, its hair will be more vigorous and strong, and there will be no hair breakage and bifurcation. At the same time, the growth rate and quality of the hair will be far higher than that of the dogs without protein. We humans take vitamin E because of its anti-aging effect. This effect is also applicable to dogs, dogs have enough vitamin E can ensure that their skin is young, and vitamin E also plays an antioxidant effect, which can ensure that the fur of Maltese dogs is more beautiful and healthy! The role of vitamin D is to promote the absorption of nutrients in the dog’s stomach. When the dog’s body can absorb more vitamin nutrients, it is more conducive to the health of skin and hair. The body of a Maltese dog is rich in fat and its fur will naturally be healthy. On the contrary, the dog’s skin will become dry, and the hair will no longer be so beautiful.
All of the above are things that can help your dog’s skin and hair present their best condition. So, what kind of food can be supplemented with these substances?


1. Professional dog food

As long as it’s about raising and feeding dogs, Xiaobian will definitely recommend professional dog food as the daily diet of dogs, because professional dog food contains enough nutrients to meet the needs of dogs. However, the owner needs to pay attention to recognize the brand anti-counterfeiting logo when buying dog food. Avoid buying inferior dog food, and choose the right dog food according to your dog’s physical condition.

2. Food that can supplement protein and fat

Such as meat, egg yolk, pet edible vegetable oil, and other food that can meet the protein and fat supplement. However, we need to pay attention when feeding the dog not to let the dog eat too much, or it is likely to cause the dog fat and other problems.

3. Supplement of trace elements

This depends on the situation. If the body of Maltese dogs is not lacking trace elements, there is no need for a special supplement. If it is necessary to supplement, fruits and vegetables with corresponding vitamins can be selected. Of course, we can also use pet vitamin tablets directly.