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How big is a Gordon setter?

The Gordon Setter is a large breed. It is also classified as the setter family, along with the famous Irish setter and English Setter. It is the world’s largest second-tier athlete, with an average weight of 80 pounds and a standing height of 27 inches. The fur of the Gordon Setter is black and very shiny. It also has brown marks and long hair on its abdomen, ears, chest, legs and tail. This Gordon Setter breed has bright brown eyes that show a wise and willing expression. The Gordon Setter was bred to live in harsh weather and terrain.


Breeding of the Gordon Setter

In 1884, the American Kennel Club officially recognized the Gordon Setter. These medium energy dogs are called athletic and outdoor. It needs activities to eliminate boredom. He is a fearless, willing, intelligent, and capable dog. Gordons are loyal to their owners, thrive in a caring and caring environment, and are known as good family dogs with proper obedience training. The Gordon setters are eager to learn, sensitive and compassionate, and need firm and gentle handling. Remember, although they are naturally patient, they may not be suitable for families with very young children. This breed is one of the slowest to mature. It doesn’t reach its prime until it is three years old or above, and it will show the characteristics of puppies in their old age. The modern Gordon Setter is mainly black with rich tan markings on the legs, muzzle, and chest. It’s a little bigger and heavier than an Irish or English Setter. However, they are the offspring of the same gene mixing tank, which undoubtedly has its origin in the aforementioned Gordon set dog. In 1842, George Bronte and Daniel Webster brought the breed to the United States and bought two dogs named rake and Rachel from the Duke’s Kennel.

The appearance of Gordon Setter

The dog’s coat is coal black with a distinct mahogany color. It has a rich chestnut color on its legs, claws, vents, nose, and throat. It has two spots on its chest and a spot above each eye. Therefore, it is also known as “dark brown”. There is a little white on the chest. Although not always, red Gordon is occasionally born to parents with normal skin color, which is the result of recessive red gene expression. The coat of Gordon setters is slightly wavy or straight (but not curly), long and silky, with feathers on the abdomen, chest, legs, ears, and tail.
Nutrition of Gordon Setter
You can provide a formula for the Gordon Setter. You can discuss your dog’s feed with your veterinarian and/or breeder to determine the size and frequency of the meal to ensure a healthy and long life. It is also important to ensure that clean, fresh water is provided at all times.

Haircare for the Gordon Setter

You need to brush your teeth and bathe every two to three weeks. This is to keep your dog clean and attractive. Grooming is a wonderfully intimate experience for you and your pet. You can use nail clippers or grinder to trim their strong, fast-growing nails regularly to avoid overgrowth and cracking. You should regularly check the ears of the Gordon setter to avoid the accumulation of debris and wax that can lead to infection. The teeth should be brushed regularly, about two to three times a week.


The practice of the Gordon Setter

Gordon setters are trained to run. It takes 60 to 80 minutes of intense exercise a day. Young breeds should not over-exercise or start agility training until they are at least 18 months old to avoid future joint problems. Because of their hunting instinct, they should not be allowed to roam freely without supervision, because they are prone to fall into potentially dangerous traffic situations while tracking odors. The Gordon Setter is a loyal and affectionate dog, strong-willed and able to withstand severe training. Our early socialization and obedience training of the Gordon Setter is very important.