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How big do teacup poodles get?

How big do teacup poodles get? The size of a teacup poodle is usually less than 9 inches (22cm). There are no breed standards, but this is the general guide breeders will go. Teacup poodles generally weigh less than 6 pounds (3 kg).

Origin of the teacup poodle

For more than 400 years, the teacup poodle has been considered a popular breed in Western Europe. They can be seen in BAS reliefs and paintings of the 15th and 1st centuries. No one really knows where the breed comes from, but France claims it is the home of the teacup poodle. What we know is that the teacup poodle and all its variants come from a French water dog breed and are now extinct. Hunters have developed a unique grooming method for poodles because it helps dogs swim efficiently. Small teacup poodles and other smaller variants are produced by selectively raising dogs of the desired size.


Living conditions of teacup poodle

Teacup poodles are on sale everywhere, in part because they are relatively adaptable.
They are active at times, but they are small enough to exercise anywhere. There’s no need for a yard. Teacup poodles and adults should be given attention and playtime to ensure they get interaction and exercise, and they need to be happy and healthy

The practice of teacup poodle

Teacup poodle owners usually advise their owners that the dog does not need a lot of exercises, but should still walk regularly. This is good for the dog’s health and strengthens the relationship between the dog’s owners.
Walking outdoors also helps to keep energy levels low, so dogs are calmer indoors. Your teacup poodle only needs 20 to 30 minutes of exercise a day.


Teacup poodle diet

Since we are talking about such a small breed of dog, it is clear that this dog will need a different diet and nutrition than a larger breed. You should feed your teacup poodle high-quality dog food, especially for toy group dogs. The dog only needs about 250 calories a day. You can divide it into small meals a day, like one in the morning and one in the evening. Always treat your dog as a good quality trainer! Buy a teacup Poodle.

The life expectancy of teacup poodle

The average lifespan of a teacup poodle is 12 to 15 years old.