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How big can a Maltese grows?

Maltese is a small ornamental dog, because of its small and beautiful appearance and kind and alert personality, it is very popular. Do you know how old a popular Maltese dog can grow? If you want to know more about the Maltese, let’s read this passage together!

The life span of Maltese dogs:

We know that dogs are mainly divided into large dogs, medium-sized dogs, and small dogs. Among them, the life span of general small dogs is the longest, followed by medium-sized dogs, and finally large dogs. The life span of small dogs is about 15 years, that of medium-sized dogs is about 12 years, and that of large dogs is only about 9-10 years.
The Maltese are small dogs, so it can generally live to about 15 years old. Of course, apart from the way Maltese is raised, it is not closely related to the life span of dogs. Therefore, some long-lived Maltese may live to about 20 years old. It can also be said that he is a longevity star in dog breeds.


The Maltese are hostile to strangers, but affectionate to its owner. It has a lovely disposition, sometimes makes some pranks, is very rich in personality. Although Maltese does not need too much space, it requires the owner to take good care of it. The owner must comb and brush Maltese’s long hair thoroughly every day. This kind of dog doesn’t shed hair. But its hair is as long as the ground, and it often brings a lot of dirt into the house, especially on rainy days. Because it is sensitive to humidity, the owner must dry it after going out every time on rainy days, so it is not suitable for people who can’t spend time doing these things. Due to its small size, the Maltese are suitable for adults or families with large, docile children. For a long time, it has been the pet of the rich and literati, which to a large extent cultivated its elegant, clean, and meticulous character. Maltese are very low in sports, especially friendly to children, with good physique and long life.


The size of the Maltese is as follows:

We are used to calling the Maltese a small dog, mainly because of its size. In the early days, people often put it in their sleeves and took it out to play. Up to now, the size of the Maltese is not big, with a height of 20-26cm and a weight of 2.5-4kg.
What we need to pay attention to here is that if the size and weight of a Maltese dog are too large or too small, these are all disqualifications and defects in the growth of the Maltese dog. After knowing how long the life span of a Maltese dog is, and how big it can grow, the body is covered with the long silky hair, gentle and clever, smart and lively Maltese attracted you? If you like, go and have a Maltese dog!