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Homeopathic remedies for dog allergies skin

Have you ever heard of homeopathic remedies for dog allergies skin? Do you know that homeopathic remedies can also be used in the medical treatment of dogs? Just as traditional Chinese medicine is common in Chinese life, homeopathy is also a common prescription for many people in Europe and the United States, and many doctors regard homeopathy as one of the official prescription treatments, including humans and animals.

Introduction of homeopathic remedies

Homeopathic remedies was developed by German physician Sam. It has been created for more than two hundred years. So far, more than 70 countries around the world use homeopathy, 400 million patients use it regularly, and more than 100,000 doctors will prescribe it to use homeopathy. France, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, Australia… and other countries have included homeopathic remedies in their national health insurance. In addition to human medicine, European and American countries also have specialized homeopathic courses for veterinarians. Even if animals cannot speak, they do see the therapeutic effects of homeopathic medicine in animals.

Why is it that modern medicine is so developed and homeopathy is still used? This starts with the principle of homeopathic remedies.

homeopathic remedies for dog allergies skin

We all know that traditional Western medicine uses synthetic drugs such as antibiotics to suppress various symptoms and reduce physical discomfort when the body has symptoms of discomfort, or rely on drugs to kill the virus, but at the same time it may also damage the disease. The mother agent that can cause similar symptoms is diluted by a very small proportion of research and then shaken. After taking the agent, the body’s self-healing ability is induced to achieve true self-repair and healing. Since homeopathic preparations are very small amounts of natural substances, they do not have the side effects of traditional western medicines and do not interact with other drugs. Therefore, they are very suitable for preventive treatment in the early stage of illness, and can also be used as an auxiliary therapy outside Western medicine.

Here are different kinds of homeopathic remedies commonly used in dog allergies skin abroad, including:

●Bee for dog allergies skin

It is suitable for bees and other insect bites. After the bee stings, give several doses every 20 minutes.

●Calendula for dog allergies skin

Calendula can be taken orally or externally. For skin infections or any external infections. It is a very significant therapeutic agent and can be applied topically to abrasions, infections and wounds using an ointment tube at any time. You can also buy a tincture and dilute it by 1/10, and use it to wash the wound.

●Sulfur liver for dog allergies skin

It is suitable for the treatment of painful abscesses and painful infectious anal glands in any part of the body.

●Hypericum for dog allergies skin

It is an excellent treatment to treat any pain caused by nerve damage or injury to nerve-rich areas. It is very suitable for cutting the nails of dogs when the clip is too short.

●Nutmeg for dog allergies skin

Phenomenon treatment of anal sac infection and chronic anal sac problems.

●Kudzu for dog allergies skin

It’s used for arthritis, especially after activities, general musculoskeletal injuries, red and swollen eyes, skin infections and skin itching.

● Ruta for dog allergies skin

Any injury to tendons or ligaments is great, it can be used immediately after any knee or cruciate ligament injury.

●Silica for dog allergies skin

You could push foreign objects such as debris or setaria out of the skin.

Although Taiwan authorities have not yet incorporated homeopathy into the formal medical system, there have been private organizations dedicated to promoting homeopathy in human medicine, and more and more domestic physicians are using homeopathy as an auxiliary treatment for dog skin allergies. However, in animal medicine, there seems to be no relevant application of homeopathy. Only a handful of pet products companies have introduced several homeopathic related pet health products. However, a perfect homeopathy requires a comprehensive evaluation (including illness, living environment, behavior and emotions) by a professional physician to prescribe a variety of customized prescriptions, rather than an all-in-one patent medicine. It’s believed that as dog allergies skin health issues become more and more important to family members and children, more veterinarians will consider and adopt more diverse treatments (including homeopathy) to help dogs get rid of the torture of diseases. Owners should try your best to let your dogs return to a healthy pet life.