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Homemade Dog Food for Labrador

Some people will choose professional dog food, while others will choose homemade Labrador Retriever food. Both have their advantages: professional dry dog food has a shelf life, convenient storage, short term do not worry about deterioration, and homemade dog food, then help improve the appetite of Labrador Retriever, the taste is more variable. Personally, I think it is a good choice to feed them together. Of course, professional dog food can be fed regularly and quantitatively, and nothing else needs attention. But homemade dog food is different, we must pay attention to the following major issues.


Four tips for Labrador homemade dog food:

1. First of all, we need to understand the dog’s growth and development needs of nutrition, the body structure of dogs and people are different, the owner can not think that dogs like people eat a variety of food, this is absolutely not conducive to health. The dog’s feed modulation must satisfy each kind of dog’s need with the complete nutrition feed, can not affect the dog’s health because of some kind of nutrition lack. Differential treatment is based on the development of different dogs and physiological changes.

2. The shelf life of homemade dog food is very short, even if put into cold storage is also easy to go bad, so we should pay attention to the shelf life of homemade dog food, in order to prevent deterioration after feeding the dog problems. Some owners in order to save time, can make more dog food each time, and then put it into the refrigerator storage, each time before feeding out heating. Of course, if you have more time, then the best is to make fresh dog food every day, the dog will eat more appetite.

3. Dog Food should be in line with the dog’s digestion, but also to ensure palatability, some dog food smell very delicious, but because the feed shape and size is not good, or some food collocation is not good, will affect the dog’s digestive system. Long-term feeding can lead to indigestion, loss of appetite, and other problems, or constipation and vomiting due to indigestion.

4. Food Mix should be stable, do not often change the variety of food, this will change the dog’s appetite, and cause food discomfort. When a dog has adapted to a particular diet, it becomes more dependent, and constant changes in the Diet can cause gastrointestinal discomfort and even indigestion.


I believe that many people are very fond of dogs, and they will prepare all kinds of delicious food for dogs at home. In addition to buying all kinds of food for dogs, we can also make our own dog’s favorite food, Oh, here are two kinds of homemade dog food that are nutritious and healthy!

More and more pet dog people, willing to spend money to buy a variety of dog cakes, snacks or festive mooncakes, meat, biscuits, etc., to help the dog birthday or reward. While this is a sign of caring for the dog as a family member, these time-consuming snack foods often spoil the original look of the ingredients, leaving behind calories and starch, especially now that fur kids aren’t just eating meat, even dim sum is all kinds of Jerky or cheese, but easy to cause obesity and cardiovascular burden, suffering from various diseases of civilization.

Modern people value health, the pursuit of a natural diet, we take care of the dog is the same, do it yourself is the best way to cook. Many owners may not be able to provide home-made fresh food for their meals because of long working hours or living conditions, but there are many brands of fresh dog food on the market, and they can also choose reputable fresh, wet or dry food, alternate feeding.

The way we cook our dogs has to be simple and easy to cook so they can be fed every day. Just like the concept of “home cooking, ” the approach is that several, mainly by the combination of ingredients and changes. Usually, the cheapest food in the market is in season, we can buy them, or look at the home refrigerator what things, direct cooking, fast and convenient. We might as well take local materials for the home children to do fresh food. I believe that as long as you are willing to pay attention, love, and time, believe that dogs will return with action, will lick the whole bowl clean, automatically help you wash the dishes!

In fact, for the busy work of the owner, often eating out, this is also a way to benefit their own! Scoop out a portion of the food before seasoning. Add salt and other seasonings in the appropriate amount and keep it for yourself. At the same time, take care of each other’s needs. This is the same as buying all the ingredients, preparing them, and cooking them in one go. It’s healthy and saves money.

We can give Labrador black fungus cauliflower potato stewed chicken rice, Broccoli rich in vitamins, minerals, as well as vegetables in general lack of vitamin K and flavonoids, can effectively fight inflammation to protect the joints, prevention of Osteoarthritis, degeneration, pain, and osteoporosis. Choose when buying fresh color, tightly packed cabbage, no hollow stem. We can also saute fish floss with vegetables for Labrador peppers, as the peppers themselves are slightly sweet. The Bell Peppers are green, yellow, and red in color to enhance appetite. Although the nutrient contents are slightly different, they are high in vitamin C and Water, is also has fur protection, helps the catharsis vegetables and fruits, but to the ordinary easy soft stool, the diarrhea dog, then as far as possible the control quantity or the small quantity feed. When shopping can be observed sweet pepper tip, divided into a Pentagon and hexagon two, tip hexagon varieties are usually sweet, taste better, nutrient content will be richer!