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Grooming care for a teacup poodle

The teacup poodle‘s fur is soft and curly. The teacup poodle has a small bundle of angel-like fur. The teacup poodle is the smallest member of the toy poodle. The teacup poodle is full of energy and energy. Although he weighs less than 4 pounds, professional grooming is a long and complicated process.


1. Haircare of teacup poodle

Although teacup poodles are not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) because they do not meet the minimum requirement of 5 pounds, 10 inches, many teacup poodle owners want their dogs to be like their larger poodle relatives. European and British saddle curly poodles are characterized by shaved feet, face, throat, tail, and part of the body while leaving a very French style pompous accent at the top and end of the tail. In a teacup poodle, the most complex cuts take about three hours to complete and must be repeated every two months to maintain appearance. Owners can use less time and easier to maintain the teacup poodle.

2. Teacup poodle’s ears, eyes, and nails

Unlike other breeds, soft hair grows naturally in the inner ear canal of the teacup poodle, which increases the risk of ear infections. Professional beauticians will pull out the hair of the teacup poodle, which can easily fall off when pulled out with fingertips. Keep ear wax and eye wipes with you and wipes them at least once a week. The nail in a teacup, similar to the nail of a large poodle, has low claws that click as it passes through the hard floor. Beauticians use dog nail clippers or a small sharpener to prevent teacup nails from getting too long.


3. Bath time of teacup poodle

Owners of teacup poodles can bathe their pets in the sink with a few inches of warm water and mild dog shampoo. As a descendant of the water dog, the poodle’s fur will naturally drain water, so you can let your child sit in the water for a long time to make his fur saturated. A manual sprayer can help remove all traces of dog shampoo. If not fully removed, these traces will stimulate the cup’s skin. Then you can use a non tangled conditioner and wrap your dog in a warm towel to absorb excess moisture. If you want to dry your teacup poodle, you can use a pet hairdryer, a common hair dryer to make your teacup poodle uncomfortable.