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Gordon Setter’s temperament

Gordon Setter‘s temperament has been praised by AKC as “alert, interested and confident.”. He was fearless, willing, intelligent, and capable. Gordon Setter was loyal and affectionate, strong-willed, and able to withstand severe training. “That’s the whole description. This kind of gentle, loyal, cheerful, brave, obedient, and emotional breed always tries to please its family and get along well with pets and children. However, they will stay away from strangers and wander around the house to “take care of” their family members. The Gordon Setter is naturally unhappy but energetic. In order to avoid his normal restlessness, the Gordon Setter needs to do a lot of fast exercises every day, such as walking, jogging with his owner, playing in the enclosure, and contributing to his health. In order to avoid any strain of bones and joints, we should not let the dogs indulge in any forced movement, such as obedient jumping. Let’s take a closer look at the essential features of Gordon Seth’s temperament.


The Gordon Setter is fearless

Gordon setters are confident working dogs. When they have work to do, they have nothing to do. This quality makes them priceless for hounds. It also makes them excellent watchdogs in modern families.

The Gordon Setter is alert

The Gordon Setter is a bird dog with good vision and hearing. Even in the urban environment, they are always vigilant. However, drills must be conducted in safe areas. If they see a bird or squirrel, their hunting instinct will be aroused, and they may run away.

The Gordon Setter is active

These dogs need a lot of exercises every day. The Gordon Setter is sometimes described as “highly stressed.”. However, this description of the dog may not get the appropriate amount of physical activity. These are the dogs that need to work. If you don’t hunt, you will need to find another activity to keep your Gordon Setter at the top of the shape, such as jogging, hiking, or nose work.

The Gordon Setter is rough

The Gordon Setter is a cold-resistant breed. They are the largest breed of setters. They breed to withstand the harsh environment of the highlands.


Gordon Setter loves children

They are even used as “nanny dogs” and can be good companions for children as long as they are kind. Like all dogs, it’s important to socialize with Gordon setters since childhood.

The Gordon Setter is loyal

The Gordon setters are close to their family. They can be alert to strangers until they know that a new person can be trusted.