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Gordon Setter vs Irish Setter

You’ve been looking for a big dog to join your family, and you decide it’s a problem for Gordon Setter and Irish Setter. At first glance, these dogs look very similar – both in their appearance and in their general temperament. After all, because of their hound pedigree, both the Gordon Setter and the Irish Setter share the same alertness, loyalty, and desire for sport. It’s hard to tell which variety is best for your family. But don’t worry, you’re in the right place. In this guide, we will provide you with key information that you need to decide whether a Gordon Setter or an Irish setter is best for you. We will study their physical characteristics, their temperament, and their health. The difference between Gordon Setter and the Irish setter is very obvious. Both of them are very big and eye-catching. However, there are subtle differences in size and physiology.


Two dogs’ sizes

The Gordon Setter is a slightly muscular, short dog weighing between 75 and 80 pounds and standing 23 to 27 inches tall.
The Irish setter is slightly slender and long boned, usually slightly lighter, weighing between 65 and 75 pounds and standing 26 to 28 inches tall.

Two dogs’ shapes

Both dogs are very long. Everything on their bodies, from the length of their facial features to their long limbs, as well as their undulating feathers and fur, gives people the impression of body length. The muscular tissue of the godenset tends to be endurance, with a stout chest and muscular legs. The Irish setter’s skeleton is thinner and narrower, making it look more slender.

The fur of two kinds of dogs

There are obvious similarities between the Irish setter and the Gordon Setter.
Both were moderately shed dogs. Weekly grooming and ear cleaning are important, and the two setters will benefit from a monthly bath. The Gordon Setter is black with brown markings and a thick coat. Therefore, hair loss is very obvious.
Irish setter’s fur, of course, is better known for its reddish-brown fur. Because wool is so good, carding can be a lot more work for an Irish setter.


The temperament of two kinds of dogs

When it comes to Gordon setter and Irish Setter’s temperament, things get interesting. Apparently, the dogs were cut from the same cloth. However, there are some basic differences that have a great impact on the type of family they are suitable for. The Gordon Setter and the Irish Setter are equally loyal, family-oriented, energetic and tend to establish close emotional ties with humans.

Gordon setter’s temperament

Gordon Setter tends to be more alert and aggressive. When Gordon Setter meets a stranger, it can be preserved first. It can also be socialized, very tender, and loving to children. It has a natural tendency to be careful and aware of its power. For a Gordon Setter, the attitude towards other pets is different! It has a strong prey drive, so it’s not a good dog for cats. You also need to be particularly vigilant when introducing a Gordon Setter dog to a new dog.

Irish Setter temperament

Irish setters are more excitable, more energetic, and usually more sociable than Gordon setters. It’s a variety that likes to be in the spotlight and have fun making new friends.

Although Irish Seth likes children, it can become a bit passionate and does not know its own strength! Therefore, it is not the ideal dog for families with children. When you are young, with the right socialization, you are more likely to train an Irish setter to get along with other dogs and small animals.