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Four important factors influencing the price of Schnauzer

The Schnauzer is a breed of terrier dogs whose distinctive whiskers make them look completely different from other dogs. In addition, because of their friendliness, intelligence, and liveliness, they are loved by many families. If you go through the pet markets, you may find that the prices of different Schnauzers vary greatly. Generally speaking, the price of Schnauzer is affected by the following factors.


1. Body shape

The Schnauzer comes in three sizes: mini, standard, and giant. Usually, many people think that the bigger the dog is, the higher the price will be, but this rule doesn’t work in the Schnauzer deal. The price of the Mini Schnauzer is currently the highest, with an average price of 1300 yuan, while the average price of the Standard Schnauzer and the Giant Schnauzer is only 1100 yuan and 1000 yuan respectively.

2. Quality

The better the appearance, the purer the bloodline, the higher the price. Under the same circumstances, the price of purebred Schnauzer is 500-1000 yuan higher than that of general Schnauzer.

3. Region

The price of Schnauzer in developed areas is higher, while it is slightly cheaper in other areas.


4. Source

Dogs bred by families or individuals are cheaper than those on the market, and the possibility of sick dogs is also very low because the domestic Schnauzer is normally immunized. In order to attract the attention of buyers, Nari wants to buy dogs on purpose.
Because there is a big difference in the price of Schnauzer in different places, if you want to buy a dog with high-cost performance, you’d better learn from the people who keep the Schnauzer because they have a better understanding of the market, and maybe they can help you buy a dog of individual breeding through various relationships. If a breeder goes to the pet market to buy a dog, the owner must first understand the basic market situation of the Schnauzer market and learn some basic means of Schnauzer identification to avoid buying crossbred, defective, or sick dogs.