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Four causes of Bichon Frise’s body odor

When the Bichon Frise has body odor, the owner will feel very troubled and embarrassed, for fear that other people will avoid the dog wherever he goes, so he tries his best to bathe it to remove the smell. But do you know that the smell on the Bichon Frise dog is not necessarily caused by the body not being washed clean? Sometimes a Bichon Frise gives off a disgusting odor, which may be related to certain parts of the body, or even a signal of disease. Therefore, if the owners want to effectively reduce body odor, they must first determine where the odor comes from, then they can solve it in the right direction. Here is one by one to explain the four common odor sources of Bichon Frise dogs. You can check to see if your Bichon Frise dog also has these odor sources?


1. Mouth

Bad breath is a common problem for most dogs because brushing your teeth after every meal is a difficult goal not only for dogs but also for owners. But food residue in the mouth, will lead to plaque and dental calculus, a long time will also evolve into periodontal disease, and these will make the mouth smell bad. To solve bad breath, the only way is to brush your teeth. If you can brush once a day, if you have difficulties, brush at least once every 2-3 days. If a dog refuses to cooperate to brush his teeth, the owner can try to use clean water or a dentifrice spray, or else a dog can eat tooth cleaning bones. Owners should not forget to take the Bichon Frise to the veterinarian for professional tooth washing every six months to one year!

2. Skin

The normal dog’s skin will have body odor, which is because the secretion of sebaceous glands is oxidized or decomposed by bacteria and yeast. But if the dog’s sebaceous glands abnormal secretion, skin wounds, or a large number of bacteria and yeast breeding, it will produce a strong smell, even after a bath still smell. The solution is to find out the causes of skin abnormalities and treat them. For example, the owner can take the Bichon Frise to the animal hospital for treatment of skin diseases, use a medicine bath, comb the hair every day, and prevent ectoparasites. Owners don’t want to take a bath every day because they think it’s smellier than bears. Dogs have thinner skin and should be washed once a week. In addition, owners can also give dogs fatty acids to increase the skin’s natural defense and reduce the incidence of skin diseases.


3. Ears

Earwax is normally found in the ear canal of Bichon Frises. However, if the ear wax accumulates too much, combined with humidity or decreased immunity, it may lead to otitis and odor. If the dog’s ear is inflamed, it usually has the action of scratching the ear and shaking the head. At this time, the owner needs to ask the veterinarian to check and then treat the infection with drugs.
Usually in order to prevent the accumulation of excessive earwax, feeding mainly regularly with an ear cleaning solution to help dogs clean ears, generally once a week. The owner should not use a cotton swab to clear, otherwise, it will be easy to push the earwax into it. Dogs with drooping ears, more ear hair, and exuberant sebum secretion are more likely to have ear canal infection problems. Feeding mainly observes whether there is odor.

4. Anal gland

Sometimes the dog’s buttocks smell bad, not because of the stool, but the glands next to the anus. The secretion of the anal gland is normally excreted with the stool, but some dogs may have gland obstruction, which may cause inflammation of the anal gland sac and give off a terrible odor. At this time, dogs often sit on the ground and grind their buttocks. Because of the obstruction of the anal gland, the reason is not very clear. In addition to squeezing the anal glands in the bath regularly, adding fiber to the dog’s diet is also a feasible method.
Therefore, sometimes the Bichon Frise Dog stinks, which may be a sign of illness in the above four places. Don’t be careless. In addition, if you have cleaned up the whole body of the Bichon Frise and discharged the disease factors, but it still emits a light body odor, don’t worry, this situation is normal, the Bichon Frise will have a bit of exclusive flavor, as long as there are no health problems, don’t care too much!