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Four advantages of Maltese

The Maltese are a gentle little dog, the pet dog of the whole family. The owner can safely let it play with the children. A normally healthy Maltese is still alive until the end of its life. So today, let’s take a look at the advantages of the Maltese dog, which are worth so many people to like?

1. The appearance of Maltese is beautiful

In ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome, the Maltese had been a lady’s pet, and the ancient Romans used to put it in their sleeves and take it out of the house. Maltese have long hair, and their hair is still pure white. And they have black and big eyes, all over the body exude noble breath.


2. Maltese seldom loses their coat hair

Common dogs such as golden retrievers, Alaska, and Samoye love to shed their hair. This is a headache. Dog hair is always found in the cracks of the sofa, corner of the wall, and under the bed, which is difficult to clean. Even when eating, there is a hair floating from the bowl. The Maltese are very good for pet owners to save the trouble of hair loss, although it has long hair, but rarely hair loss.

3. The Maltese eat little

The Maltese dog is a small dog, so the food intake is certainly not as large as those of the large and medium-sized dogs, which can be said to be much smaller, which saves you a lot of money to buy dog food, but still pay attention to give the dog plenty of nourishment Oh, dogs will be healthy growth, choose some nourishing balance of natural food.


4. Maltese has good character

The character of Maltese is very good, very docile, it won’t hold grudges. If there are children in the family, it’s best to keep only Maltese, because he is very friendly and gentle to children. This kind of dog can also help cultivate children’s love, so marquis is a good companion dog, so the dog will not regret choosing it.

Maltese are an excellent breed of dogs, and they are the most suitable breed as a pet dog, loved by people. The only trouble is the care of the hair. Because the hair is long and thick, we must spend a lot of time combing hair every day. Therefore, it is not suitable for busy people to raise. It is better to raise Maltese with more free time. The Maltese dog has a mild temperament and is a pet dog loved by every family. We can safely let it play with the children. In general, the dog’s health is good enough, even in old age, still full of vigor and vitality.