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Food Tips and Taboos for Samoyeds

Samoyed is known as the “smiling Angel”, so now more and more people are raising samoyed. It’s not entirely impossible that a dog’s natural digestion may be weaker than that of other dogs, which naturally requires a lot of attention from pet owners, so it’s easy to be reluctant to eat for small reasons. Well, pet owners can also do something about it, such as trying to feed the dog some honey water and other foods, you can also mix in some diet powder for the dog, and so on. But there are many people who are raising samoyed for the first time, so it is easy to make some mistakes in raising Samoyed, let’s take a look at tips and taboos for keeping samoyed.


No. 1: Long Term Sweet Food

We can’t always give Samoyed a sweet treat, because too much sugar in a dog can lead to obesity, picky eating, excessive hair loss, cavities, and so on Samoyed. So sweet it is best not to give it every day to eat, it is recommended to eat twice a week on the line, and the amount must be controlled, can not be a staple food feed, this is the need for special attention!

No 2: Feeding Dangerous Food

We should never feed Samoyed anything that could kill him, such as chocolate, raisins, nuts, etc. . Too much of this food will lead directly to SAMOYED’s death. Let’s not turn loving dogs into hunting dogs. The owner who likes the above food must hide it well and not give it to Samoyed, because he doesn’t know it can’t be eaten!

No 3: Long term liver feeding

The liver contains a high nutritional value, and the liver has a fishy smell, so Samoyed especially like to eat, usually, feed it some liver is beneficial to health, but must not feed every day, feeding every day will only cause samoyed poisoning, so the liver is best a week to feed about two times, it is recommended to be mixed in dog food to eat it together!


No 4: Feed high salt food

Samoyed is a shedding dog, so don’t let him eat too much salty oil, or it will increase the amount of hair loss, especially staple food dog food, in the selection of time must be preferred to choose some low salt, low oil, high protein, low-fat natural dog food-based, effectively reduce hair loss and reduce tears, to Samoyed to eat food must also pay attention to the proportion of salt!

No 5: Gnawingon a sharp bone

Dogs love to gnaw on bones, Samoyed is no exception, chicken, duck, goose, fish bones we must not give it to eat, eat too much will only cause samoyed intestinal puncture, long-term this will not be good for the stomach, if we want Samoyed to eat bones, try to feed big bones (pigs, cows, sheep) to help teeth grinding and calcium, usually can also buy it some teeth grinding snacks (chicken Jerky, chicken around chips) is also able to make it calcium grinding teeth!