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Food Tips and Taboos for Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers are mild-mannered, non-aggressive, and handsome, so a large proportion of people in China are breeding golden retrievers. However, many owners are breeding golden retrievers for the first time, so many breeding taboos may be broken, have you ever broken any of the following taboos?


No. 1: Give Golden retriever whatever he wants to eat

Golden Retriever is a very greedy dog, one meal will eat a lot of dog food, and Golden Retriever also do not know the sense of fullness, as long as you feed it will eat all, although not picky about food is a good thing, golden retriever will keep asking for food from you if you do not stop, but goldilocks want to eat you give, this will make goldilocks easy to become fat, easy to indigestion, it is recommended that occasionally feed probiotics to help digestion.

No. 2: Irregular Feeding

Many owners will commit this taboo when they raise golden retrievers. Feeding Golden retrievers for one meal or another will make golden retrievers’ intestines and stomachs vulnerable. If golden retrievers’ diet is not at all regular, so it is very likely that Golden Fleece will have gastroenteritis. It is suggested that regular and quantitative feeding rules should be followed at ordinary times. The Golden Fleece’s digestive system should also form a digestive law, secreting gastric juice at regular intervals to increase appetite and promote digestion and absorption, it’s good for Blondie’s stomach.


Although dogs love to eat bones, some of the sharpest bones are no worse for Golden Retriever than chocolate, because they are difficult to digest and can easily scratch the golden retriever’s gastrointestinal tract, causing massive bleeding and endangering his life, suggested that usually do not feed the bones of these difficult to digest food, the best is to feed easy to digest dog food, but big bones or occasionally feed a little, help grinding teeth.


No 4: feed the Golden Retriever raw meat

Dogs are very raw meat because raw meat is rich in nutrients, but raw meat contains a lot of bacteria and parasites, golden retriever eat more easily infected with bacteria and parasites, and thus a lot of nutrients in the body of Golden Retriever, it is easy to destroy the immune system of Golden Retriever, so the meat should be cooked before feeding, but the main food of golden retriever should be mainly dog food, only the dog food with reasonable and rich nutrition can well meet the nutritional needs of the golden retriever.

No 5: Feed Golden Retriever whatever he wants

Many owners don’t know how harmful some people’s diets are to their dogs, or have been feeding them human food, but the salt and oil content of human food far exceeds the Golden Retriever’s needs, however, if the salt and oil content exceeds the standard, the golden retriever will be prone to hair loss and skin diseases. Therefore, it is recommended to feed dog food. Dog Owners can add a little golden retriever favorite vegetables and meat in the dog food so that the nutrition will be higher.

No 6: Give Golden Retriever Milk

As we all know, milk can not be freely drunk for golden retrievers, because the dog’s demand is a high protein, low lactose, and milk protein is not high, fat is not high, and even lactose to be high, ingredients, on the contrary, the golden retriever’s stomach is not easy to digest the ingredients of milk, after drinking milk, may appear vomiting diarrhea symptoms. So in the golden retriever symptoms of the above, parents can be timely feeding some probiotics on it, but also can enhance immunity.