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Food Tips and Taboos for Chihuahuas

A Chihuahua is a small dog and the smallest of the small breed. However, although it is a small, but well-proportioned, flexible and lively character, it is well-loved by people, is widely praised. However, Chihuahua is so small, are not a lot of things to eat, then it generally likes to eat what? Dog food? Meat or vegetables? Chihuahua likes to eat a lot of food, such as meat, dog food, vegetables, and so on. When the breeder prepares the food for the Chihuahua, must pay attention to the nutrition match, guarantees the nutrition balance, can make the dog healthy growth. According to the type of Chihuahua, owners to choose the pet shop Chihuahua for food, but also can be appropriately fed such as dog food, Pumpkin, cabbage and other vegetables containing vitamins, calcium, sodium and iron and other nutrients, and carbohydrates such as cereals, rice, Pasta, dried dog food, and potatoes.


Feeding tips for Chihuahuas

1. Chihuahua pups of 30 days to 2 months old should be fed with soft feed and changed to granulated hard feed after 2 months. Chihuahuas are born with a small appetite, but have a fast metabolism and are easily hungry. The puppies need to be fed three to five times a day. After about three months old, can change to feed three times a day. By the time you’re six months old, you can cut back to two meals a day.
2. Chihuahuas are voracious eaters, and owners should be careful not to overfeed their dogs. An adult Chihuahua can be fed 60-90 grams of meat a day. Larger Chihuahuas also need to feed only about 150 grams of meat a day, plus a similar amount of vegetables and biscuits.
3. chihuahuas are not hardy and should be fed warm food. Dry Feed is recommended with a moderate amount of wet feed. Meat should be cooked first, minced, and then add dry feed and warm boiled water mixed together after feeding.
4. Chihuahuas should be on a low protein diet. High-protein food is not for Chihuahuas. Some of the food is specifically for cats, and this type of food is not suitable for Chihuahuas.

5. chihuahuas should eat less cold food: chihuahuas have a weak stomach and can not stand to be fed straight from the fridge.

6. chihuahuas have sensitive stomachs, and if the food is not fresh, the Chihuahuas will soon feel it. At this time, or to advise the owners to look more carefully at the food shelf life, to ensure that the Chihuahua food freshness. If we prepare our own food, it’s better to choose fresh food.


Chihuahua Feeding Taboos

1. We should not feed Chihuahua Ham meat, Ham meat contains a large number of spices, is not conducive to Chihuahua digestion, and may even harm the Chihuahua’s digestive system.
2. We should avoid feeding chihuahuas dangerous foods such as fish bones and chicken bones.
3. Don’t give a Chihuahua a drink.
4. Not Eating sugar-rich candy cookies can reduce a Chihuahua’s appetite, lead to malnutrition and even diarrhea. Chocolate, in particular, can kill a dog.
6. Dry Dog food is a deadly killer of Chihuahuas, and we forbid them to be fed dry dog food.