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Five ways to cool down the Pomeranian in the summer

Pomeranians are small, but they have a lot of hair. The little Pomeranian has very thick shaggy hair. Pomeranian is most comfortable in the mild temperatures of spring and autumn. It’s hot in the summer. People get hot in summer, not to mention dogs. Pomeranian has a thick body of hair, sweat glands are not as developed as humans, it is easy to heatstroke. Pomeranian is also a hot dog because of its thick hair, so we have to find a way to cool the Pomeranian so that it can have a comfortable summer.


1. Trim hair coat

POMERANTZ has a waxing season every spring. This is the physiological response of Pomeranian itself to the hot summer environment. We don’t advocate shaving Pomeranian, but proper grooming is a great option. Especially Pomeranian toenail part of the long hair must be cut in time. This will help boma dissipate heat and make Pomeranian more beautiful and demure.

2. Don’t run out of water

It’s easy to perspire in summer, and it’s also easy to cause Pomeranian’s body to be dehydrated. Owners must ensure that their dogs have enough clean drinking water every day to keep them from becoming dehydrated.

3. Never leave a Pomeranian alone in the car

There are many owners who like to take their Pomeranian out on a trip or to visit relatives and friends. Many owners, sensing that these things don’t take long, leave Pomeranian alone in the car. This is simply not feasible because the temperature in the car rises quickly in the summer and the heat does not escape, which can easily lead to Pomeranian heatstroke.


4. Get rid of Pomeranian clutter

Some owners like to dress the dog to make Pomeranian look beautiful, but don’t dress him in summer because it doesn’t breathe well. What’s more, the neckline and instep of the clothes are very tight, which makes it easy for the dog to get sunstroke.

5. Go outside to avoid the heat

Owners are used to taking their dogs out for walks every day, which is fine, but be sure to avoid the heat and the midday sun. Owners can choose in the early morning or evening because this time of the temperature is not high, the air is also relatively fresh, is more suitable for walking.

If the weather is really sweltering, then we take Pomeranian to the air-conditioned room to take a while. Attention, we must not let Pomeranian long stay in the air conditioning room, more can not frequent in and out of the air conditioning room and outdoor, so a cold a hot easily let Pomeranian sick cold. We do not recommend shaving Pomeranians entirely, however, a proper trim is a good choice. Especially Pomeranian toes of the first part of the long hair we must timely cut off. This can effectively help Pomeranians to dissipate heat, and at the same time can make the Pomeranian more beautiful and dignified. The main job of Pomeranians in summer is to keep them cool and warm. If we keep the kennel in a cool, well-ventilated place, we must clean it up and disinfect the entire kennel. Remember, we must check the Pomeranian’s condition in time. One Pomeranian is in danger, we don’t hesitate. Sending the Pomeranian to the hospital in time is the most important thing.