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Five Signs of an angry pomeranian

We have our ups and downs, and Pomeranian is the same. They will be happy, sad, or angry. Today we’re going to take a look at some of the signs that a Pomeranian is angry, and if your Pomeranian has these signs, stay away from him as soon as possible because he may be about to bite next!

1. Pomeranian bristles

Most dogs have bristles. When Pomeranian feels threatened, he bristles up and looks much larger than usual, but it’s also an animal instinct and a warning signal to the enemy that he’s angry, ready to attack.


2. Pomeranian feet open, the body bows up

We know that if two dogs start a fight with their feet open and their bodies arched, they’re ready to fight, and if you see this happening in Pomeranian, it’s best to step back quietly and wait for Pomeranian to calm down.

3. Pomeranian nose lines, show teeth, and growl

This is more obvious than the above. Pomeranian has a furrowed nose, bared teeth, and growled, and is clearly a dog in an angry state. This is a warning sign not to cross the line again, if you continue to tease, it will attack!

4. Pomeranians bark a lot

This is one of the warning signs, Pomeranian, that if for some reason the barking doesn’t stop, don’t try to stop a barking dog if a barking dog suddenly stops barking, it attacks, and IT STARTS BITING!
But in fact, Pomeranian is naturally alert, and the phenomenon of barking is quite common. In fact, there is a difference. We must also train the dog to bark casually in our daily feeding. If the dog barks, stop it in time and scold the dog, reward your dog with a snack of chicken jerky, chicken chips, or a slap if the dog continues barking. Do not encourage barking.


5. Pomeranian pupil dilation

Whether it is a person or a dog, the eyes are not cheating, an angry dog pupil is dilated, very focused, pull also can not open eyes hanging two ears cross-sections of the evil spirit.
In any case, even the most gentle dog will get angry if some of his owner’s behavior touches the dog’s bottom line, so be careful when joking around. In addition to focusing on the dog’s emotional problems, we should also pay attention to the dog’s diet health, suggesting that the dog feed some low oil light natural dog food. After all, a dog’s body is only as healthy as its diet.