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Five kinds of Bichon Frise dog beauty modeling

The sweet appearance and smart personality of the Bichon Frise dog have made it popular for a long time, but people’s aesthetic fatigue can not be ignored. If we give it a new look in the hot summer, will it shine in front of us? Here are some big models of the Bichon Frise. Let’s have a look.


1. Basic modeling:

This is the most common and relatively simple shape. The owner only needs to cut off the hair on its back, leaving only the eyebrows and hair near the mouth at the head position, and leave the skirt feet and skirt feet of the limbs. This modeling is over. How about, is it particularly simple. The biggest advantage of this shape is that the long and short hair can form a sharp contrast. It is fresh and fashionable, simple, and generous. The hair left behind is like wearing a small skirt, which shows its playful appearance undoubtedly. But the beauty is that the hair on its eyes may stimulate the eyes to shed tears. The hair near the Bichon Frise’s mouth is easily stained and dirty.

2. Clean and efficient modeling:

The advantage of this shape is that it has strong plasticity, suitable for owners who like to dress up for dogs. If you take it to different occasions, you can have different collocations. This kind of modeling needs to cut the hair of the whole body of the Bichon Frise and trim the mouth into a round shape. It looks neat and fresh. This also avoids the trouble of hair knotting. In particular, this shape should highlight the lines of its head and back, so the hair in these two parts is slightly difficult to repair. To trim its limbs into a cylinder with appropriate body proportion, the hair around the head, eyebrows, and mouth should pay attention to its lines and length.

3. Pony shape:

This shape is also known as the little donkey shape. The hair on the abdomen will be long, the face should have a beard, and the hair on the back must be cut short, otherwise, it will appear messy and invisible. Feed mainly to its chin cut into a “V” shape, eyebrows oblique cut into a sharp shape, and shoulder parts along the hair flow can be cut (with their own skirt). Since the hair on the face, abdomen and four legs should be of a certain length, the owner should comb it once a day and trim it once a month to maintain a proper length.


4. Punk style:

If you like a rock? It can make your Bichon Frise punk. This model focuses on the matching of hair accessories and clothes, which can be combed with exaggerated and personalized braids to make it look Bohemian; it can be paired with jeans or leather clothes to make it look cool and cute (but please note that the owner should not let the Bichon Frise feel uncomfortable because of the material of the clothes).

5. Lady style:

Some owners like two kinds of dogs at the same time, so they will consider mixing it up. But at the same time, we should also take into account that this may seem to outsiders to be unworthy and lose its original characteristics.
No matter which shape it is, the purpose is to improve the appearance of the bear and meet their vanity. As long as it does not affect the health of the dog, as long as you like it, any shape is OK.