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Five Forbidden Foods for Dogs

In today’s society, pet dogs can be said to be the best company for people, many people are willing to raise a dog to play together. For example, in terms of diet or life, the food of dogs is better than that of ordinary family members. However, as a master, do you really know what is not allowed for dogs? There are some things that the dog is definitely not to eat, which will do harm to dogs! We must be careful. So what are they? Let’s see!

1. Raw eggs

Raw eggs contain vitamin H this kind of material, can destroy the dog vitamin H and vitamin B7, can affect the health of the dog, once the consumption of raw eggs, will appear different degrees of diarrhea, vomiting, phenomenon, serious when still can of a serious illness, so without knowing our dogs can eat raw eggs before, don’t literally feed. However, the value of egg yolk in eggs is very high. Owners can add some cooked egg yolk to the dog food to supplement the dog with more rich nutrition. However, the cholesterol content of egg yolk is also relatively high.

2. Milk

The reason dogs can’t drink milk is that they are lactose intolerant. These dogs can’t digest and absorb milk. Not all dogs can’t drink milk, but many owners can’t tell if their dogs are lactose intolerant, so it is recommended not to feed milk to their dogs for safety.

3. Human medicine

Now the weather turns cool, the dog is easy to catch a cold and have a fever, the owner gave them without permission to feed people with cold medicine, little do not know, people with drugs should not be used for dogs. Dogs are prone to adverse reactions such as aggravation of fever after using human drugs, and excessive amounts may also lead to the death of dogs. It is suggested that when the dog has a cold, it is best to use special medicine for dogs.


4. Xylitol

Xylitol in dogs can cause a rapid release of insulin, which in turn can lead to a drop in blood sugar, depression, weakness, vomiting, decreased potassium, cramps, liver disease, and even acute liver failure. Death is the worst! The safest thing is not to feed the dog human’s food, the dog all imported food, the proposal is the dog special food.

5. Isoniazid

When isoniazid is administered, it is consciously placed in sausages and chicken, and it is difficult to prevent dogs from unconsciously eating it while walking their dogs, even with a leash on. And after eating, the dog is very fast vomiting blood, and the big dog for some strong also can have diarrhea, blood in stool, vomiting and so on. Try to avoid eating while walking your dog, or put a muzzle on your dog. We also want to try more usual training dogs, a little to no training, the dog is very greedy, yes, but we in training, can let a dog doesn’t know anything excitant odor big food to feed the dog, and then by the owner take some snacks to feed the dog, the dog is very smart, once when, after the dog will be refused a stranger to the food.