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Five disadvantages of the Schnauzer

Schnauzer, like a pet dog’s biggest advantage, is not to shed hair, no body odor, smart and so on, are very popular with people. But similarly, there are also many shortcomings in Schnauzer. Let’s take a look at the five major shortcomings of Schnauzer.


1. The Schnauzer dog has a lot of energy

Schnauzer dog is a kind of terrier. It is active and energetic. It goes out to play every day. It is not suitable for lazy people. If you want to raise a Schnauzer dog, you should accompany it to play and exercise every day. The process of exercise can also be trained by the way. Give the dog snacks such as fried chicken, chicken chips, etc, which can release energy while training.

2. Schnauzer dogs like to be aggressive

One of the most troublesome characteristics of the Schnauzer dog is that he is out of the house and likes to be provocative. Even in the face of a larger dog, he will not be afraid at all, and he has never counseled anything. Therefore, we keep a Schnauzer. When we take the dog out, we must keep a close eye on the dog. Otherwise, some tragic accidents happen.

3. The hair coat of the Schnauzer dog is hard to care for

The Schnauzer dog has two layers of fur. It has a lot of hair and a long beard. Generally speaking, it is very troublesome to take care of it. We can usually feed Schnauzer some natural food containing deep-sea fish oil. The dog’s hair is soft and beautiful, so it’s convenient to take care of it. We also need to pay attention to the regular beauty, pay more attention to the dog’s physical condition, because Schnauzers are very easy to get a skin disease.


4. Schnauzer dog is possessive

Schnauzer dog possessiveness is very strong, can also be said to be very jealous. If his attention hugs other dogs in front of him, he will be very angry and make some angry behavior.

5. Schnauzer dogs bark easily

Schnauzer dog is alert and sensitive and is born with the ability to watch the house. Once a stranger appears, it barks to remind him. However, if someone passes by, he may bark, which may disturb the rest of the neighbors. It’s not a good thing for dogs to bark at will. It’s necessary to train dogs to keep them. We’ve trained Schnauzer so we can’t be afraid to disturb our neighbors in the process of raising them.