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How much to feed a puppy golden retriever

The feeding of puppies has always been a problem that breeders need to understand. Golden retrievers are relatively common puppies in many families now. Well, we all know that the food and food intake of puppies and adult puppies are different, how much should a puppy eat?

feed a puppy golden retriever

Different age groups

Golden Retriever as a large puppy, every day needs to eat a lot of food to maintain the nutritional needs of the body, the baby golden retriever does not need you to worry, it will be hungry for their mother to eat milk. From the day the Golden Retriever is weaned, you will be responsible for feeding the golden retriever.

After weaning a three-month-old golden retriever, feeding three to four times a day.

Three-to six-month-old golden retrievers, two to three times a day. Six months to one-year-old, twice a day.

Once or twice a day for Golden retrievers over the age of one.

Feeding time can match your schedule, but it’s not just feeding time, but also consider walking the puppy after meals and time for defecation, urination, bedpan cleaning, and dishwashing.

The puppy should not be overfed

To 70% full as the best. In addition, as the puppy gastrointestinal tract is still in the development process, more attention should be paid to hygiene, in order to prevent gastrointestinal diseases. The puppy’s rule of feeding is to eat small meals as often as possible.

The growing golden retriever will eat a lot because it needs to eat more food to keep its body growing. A golden retriever over the age of one can eat more than half a catty of food in one meal. He eats it twice a day and The Private Eyes in one meal.

Calculation mode

And puppy food is measured in calories, but if you’re not sure, you can do it in a scientific way:

If a one-year-old golden retriever weighs 33 kilograms, then the golden retriever’s Daily Calorie count goes like this:

  1. Multiply the puppy’s weight (kg) by three times (33 x 33 x 33 = 35,937) 
  2. And then I’m GONNA take. The square root of your answer (= 189.57) 
  3. Square the ANSWER 2. (= 13.76)
  4. Will 3. Multiply the answer by 125(= 1720) and you get 1,720 calories a day.

Although this is a more scientific way to calculate, each golden retriever will have a little difference in food, keepers can also observe to master some experience.

Points to note

If the golden retriever has been eating puppy food, be careful not to change the puppy food suddenly. Mix In half of the new food every time, try for two or three days, gradually add new portions, and then use the new ones a week later. So that the golden retriever’s digestive system can adapt to come over, otherwise easy to cause diarrhea.

We all know that puppies are insatiable and Gluttony, as long as there is food will always eat, so it is easy to damage the stomach, so in peacetime to feed, you can observe the golden retriever after eating.

If there is some food left in the bowl, it means that more food is being fed. If, on the contrary, you are still licking the bowl after eating, or if you look at the puppy barking and biting, it means that the amount of food you are feeding is not enough.

How do you manage to feed a  golden retriever the amount of puppy food in a day?