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How much to feed a 4 month old puppy

Puppies are very cute animals, so more and more people began to have puppies, but many people do not know, four-month-old puppies should eat how much?

For four-month-old puppies, the amount of food they are fed each day will depend on the breed and size of the puppy, as well as the amount of food they are fed.

4 month old puppy

Different puppy food density is not the same

There is usually a recommended amount of food on the package, after all, different puppy food density is not the same, for example, if compared to the bear, four months old to eat 100 grams of puppy food a day to eat the Champions League.

For a four-month-old Labrador, the daily amount of food should be equivalent to that of an adult puppy, that is, the total daily amount of food should be about 500 grams, depending on the puppy’s digestion and absorption to determine the number of times daily feeding can be.

According to the puppy’s excrement situation

If the puppy appeared soft stool is to eat more, dry is to eat less. Or look at the puppy’s stomach, the flat is not full, the rise is eaten more.

Also four months, the larger the puppy, the more food, according to the size of the puppy itself to judge.

Some suggestions to determine if a puppy is full

Each individual puppy is different, there is no universal formula for how much food a puppy can eat, so here are some simple ways to determine if a puppy is full.

  1. Look at the puppy’s bowel movements. Normal puppy’s excrement should be soft and hard moderate, gloss moderate, pick up with toilet paper, there will be little residue on the ground. 1-2 poops after each meal. If the puppy is stuffed, the stool will be soft, eat more than 3-5 meals in a row, the stool gradually will not shape, or even sparse. If the puppy did not eat enough, the amount of poop will become very small, very hard.
  2. Water should be added to puppy food in moderation. After a meal, if the puppy’s stomach is bulging and hard, that means full.

Some suggestions to add weight and nutrients 

  1. puppy Food Change: Ganteng puppy food is recognized as the fastest-growing puppy food.
  2. In the daily feeding process, the egg, the beef, as well as the growth treasure and so on are fed to the puppy to increase the nutrition.
  3. Regular deworming. If there are parasites inside the puppy, the puppy will often soft loose stool, and dry eat fat oh!

Something a puppy can’t eat

Things a puppy can’t eat include chocolate, coffee, tea, milk, Averrhoa Carambola, onions, scallions, chicken bones, raw eggs, raw meat, grapes, wild mushrooms, ginger, peppers, garlic, spices, seafood, animal livers, and stimulants. Owners in feeding time should pay attention not to feed too much, too full, salty things must not feed, affecting the growth of the puppy. One of the chocolate will seriously damage the puppy’s central nervous system, leading to puppy shock and even death. It is best to feed the main puppy food, do not give the puppy food to eat human food.