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Emergency rescue for an injured pomeranian

In our daily life, there will always be a variety of unexpected accidents, so when the unexpected when we do what? Whether it’s our Pomeranian or ourselves, surprises are often around us. Let’s take a look at what we can do if something happens to Pomeranian.


The most common cause of a Pomeranian fracture is a car accident. Sometimes when Pomeranian fell from a height, she would get crushed and break bones. Similar to a fracture, it’s dislocated. The difference is that a broken Pomeranian will drag a broken limb, while a dislocated Pomeranian won’t touch the ground and will hop around on three limbs. From broken bones to dislocated joints, Pomeranian was in excruciating pain and sometimes lay shivering on the floor. At this point we have to carry out basic external fixation, holding the Pomeranian rushed to the hospital treatment.


Massive hemorrhage

Whether it’s a hemorrhage from a trauma or a hemorrhage from an internal organ, it’s extremely dangerous for Pomeranians. In First Aid, we need to compress the bleeding point to reduce the amount of bleeding, remove the mud, simple bandage, and rushed to the hospital. Because some wounds need to be closed, which is not usually possible at home.


Small Pomeranians are particularly prone to asphyxiation due to ingestion of small objects, and in severe cases, asphyxiation can result in death from hypoxia. When we see Pomeranian craning his neck, clawing at his mouth and neck with his front paws, it could be a blockage, and we can pat him on the back to help him spit it out. If it doesn’t work, we’ll have to take her to the hospital and get help. Sometimes a Pomeranian can also be stuffed down the throat with a bone. This can also be dangerous. Get to a doctor as soon as possible.

Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is not a disease, and the consequences are not serious. When a dog throws up, it’s probably motion sickness. We’ll let it settle down, rest for a while, and get used to it. Some Pomeranians don’t get carsick after passing out a few times. Pomeranians who are prone to motion sickness, do not eat or drink before traveling. We can give the dog motion sickness medicine.



Pomeranian ate tainted food or medicine. Symptoms are vomiting diarrhea, cramps, lethargy, whine, at this time we had better know the cause of poisoning, with a Pomeranian to the hospital to tell the doctor, do the right medicine.


Whatever the cause of the shock, we have to do what we need to do before we go to the hospital. The pomeranian’s limbs were cold and he breathed hard. We’re going to lay the Pomeranian on its back and help it breathe more slowly by imitating artificial breathing, lifting the dog up with its mouth, blowing into its nostrils, and massaging its chest. Once Pomeranian’s feeling a little better, we’ll take him to the hospital, find out what caused the shock, and treat him accordingly.