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Does the Schnauzer’s ears need to be cut?

Every time we see Schnauzer, we’re first drawn to its shiny fur, and then to its pointed ears, Schnauzer’s ears, which add to its beauty, but now there are also many owners popular for Schnauzer’s ears cut.


Why would Schnauzer’s ears be cut off?

As a breeder, you should know that the main purpose of trimming Schnauzer’s ears and the tail is to emphasize Schnauzer’s overall temperament or to compete. The shape, size, and placement of Schnauzer’s ears must be trimmed to match the size and expression of the dog’s head.
What’s more, it’s important to note that the owners trim Schnauzer’s ears. The dog’s ears are covered with veins and veins, which, if handled improperly or improperly, can cause damage and prevent Schnauzer’s ears from standing up nicely, it’s very difficult to repair a broken ear.
So, we either do not give Schnauzer cut off tail, ears or for it to find a professional, reputable pet hospital, invited a professional veterinarian to perform surgery. In this way, Schnauzer cut off the tail, ears become safer, to ensure the health of life, while for it to trim a beautiful shape.


How do you fix Schnauzer’s ear?

The owner can wrap the Schnauzer dog’s ear with cotton wool and roll paper, clean the hair inside the dog’s ear and put some ear cleanser on it, then place the Strip inside the ear and wrap the earring around it, then wrap the bandage around the outer ear and stick it with adhesive tape. After a week, the owner disassembles the dog to check that its ears are erect. If the correction does not work well, the owner should wait a day before following these steps for a week. This repeated until the dog ears stand up, be sure to meet the owner’s ideal standards in the stop doing correction!

In addition, we also need to clean Schnauzer’s ears regularly: we can pour vinegar and warm water in a 1:1 ratio into a bowl. It doesn’t need to be too much. A few spoonfuls (15g per ear) is enough for Schnauzer. But we must make sure that the vinegar solution is at the right temperature when we clean the ears for Schnauzer, so as not to surprise him. We take a sponge ball and immerse it in the solution. Then squeeze out the excess water to ensure that the sponge ball is moist but does not drip. For a dog like Schnauzer, cleaning her ears may require taking half of the sponge ball.
We’re going to wipe Schnauzer’s outer ear gently. Remove all dirt and debris you can see (multiple sponge balls may be required). For a Schnauzer, it might be better to use a cotton swab than a sponge ball. Pay attention that we must be very careful to clean Schnauzer’s ears. Don’t go too deep into snow’s ears, so as not to damage its hearing.