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Does Hungarianpuli have health problems?

Does Hungarianpuli have health problems? Hungarian pulis, who were originally responsible for the breeding of Hungarian Puli, are said to be very cruel in selecting dogs with health or behavioral problems. Although this sounds terrible, it also means that people now consider this one of the healthiest species, and the incidence rate of Hungarianpuli is very low. This is not uncommon except for the dysplasia of the buttock.


Dysplasia of the hip in Hungarian puli

Hip deformity, which became apparent at the age of one year in most of the affected Hungarian puli, manifested as stiffness or claudication of the hind limbs. As this is a very active breed, this condition will have a considerable impact on the dog’s quality of life and limit its athletic ability. Different medical and surgical treatments can be applied to hip dysplasia. It is important to maintain the optimal weight of Hungarian Puli while feeding a high-quality diet to slow down the process of intra-articular arthritis. All adult dogs should be graded and only those with good scores should be used for breeding.

Retinal dysplasia in Hungarian puli

Retinal congenital defect a congenital defect formed by the retina. The retina is a structure in the eye that plays a major role in vision. Breeders are encouraged to conduct eye health examinations on their breeding dogs to reduce the prevalence of eye diseases and produce eye health certificates at the request of potential buyers.


Sports and activity level of Hungarian Puli

Hungarian Puli is highly mobile and has an interesting habit of spinning in place whenever it is overwhelmed by unexpected bursts of energy. Although it’s relatively small, it’s an ideal jogging partner and can run happily for an hour in mild weather. Less active owners need to make sure Puli has a garden to play with, although it has to have a safety fence because it’s a very capable climber. The fur of Hungarian Puli needs special attention because it is tied with a rope. As the puppies grow up, the ropes need to be separated so that they don’t become a huge knot. Once the rope touches the ground, it needs to be trimmed to prevent Puli from tripping over his hair. Hungarianpuli‘s nails also need to be trimmed regularly.
Like other dogs, Hungarian Puli needs to bathe regularly. However, after a bath, you have to take the time to dry their hair thoroughly, which can be time-consuming because their hair is thick and twisted.
You should take the dog out for exercise every day. Hungarian Puli is a good jogging partner. Despite its strength, cataract and hip displacement may occur in some cases in dogs. You have to check with your veterinarian if you have the necessary vaccine.