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Does Corgi kill shrubs by urinating?

People who keep corgi dogs should know that they urinate along the road because of instinct. In order to make marks, they divide their own territory. But have you ever thought that if corgi dogs do this behavior on the way of walking, the bushes and grass irrigated by urine, or the lawn and flower garden in the family yard will suffer as a result?


1. Why do corgi dogs kill shrubs by urinating?

Some people may say that it’s just urine. It won’t kill the bush. Do you know? The urine of a cocky dog can kill these innocent flowers and plants because it contains high concentrations of acid and nitrogen. If only a small dose of dog urine can be used as organic fertilizer to supplement the acid and nitrogen of plants; however, any high concentration of acid and nitrogen, if repeatedly poured on the plants, may make the plants unable to absorb these elements, and then cause plant death. If the corgi dog casts a big bubble of urine on these innocent plants, or always urinates in a certain plant or grass, for the sake of these innocent little lives, the owner can wash off the urine contaminated by the plants with water, reduce the high concentration in the soil, and give the flowers and plants a pollution-free living environment.

2. Plants that can be planted in Corgi’s family

However, not all plants are so fragile, such as burkwood osmanthus, Japanese spindle tree, sword fern, and so on, which have more stubborn vitality and can resist the burning caused by the high concentration of acid and nitrogen in corgi dog’s urine. If dog owners have a yard or flower garden in their home, they can try to plant more of these plants. Choosing the right plants to grow can help the host’s garden or garden look less devastated.


3. How to prevent damage to plants by Corgi?

In addition, in order to minimize the damage to your beautiful garden by the corgi dog and its urine, the owner may as well erect a fence or barrier to keep the corgi dog away. Of course, you can also teach by obedience training where the corgi dog can only urinate so as to effectively avoid getting dirty in the yard; or you can simply stipulate that the corgi can only urinate in the bathroom. These are all good ways to prevent plants from being damaged by Corgi dogs. Let’s see what’s suitable for your home!