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Does Belgian Malinois like to swim?

Few dogs are more active or physically active than Belgian Malinois, but do they like swimming? If you have a Belgian Malinova, then you may have a fairly active lifestyle. I mean, to be honest, you have to be able to keep up with these amazing dogs. Running, cycling and jumping are all things they love to do. If you like swimming, it’s natural that you want to share it with your Malinois. Most Belgian Malinoiswas like swimming, but not all of them. Whether a dog likes swimming or not depends not only on the breed but also on their personality and personal experience of water. Age and whether they have a disease or not can also play a role. With proper training, almost all healthy adult Belgian Malinoiswas should be relaxed in the water.


Whether you like swimming or not depends on the personality of the Belgian Malinova

Generally speaking, Belgian Mario dogs can swim, but what about your dog? Well, it depends a lot on their personality. It is clear that the timid Belgian Malinoiswa may find it difficult to learn to enjoy the water, while the braver dog may find it relatively easy. However, their past life experiences may play the biggest role. If they have a lot of water contact and fun, then they are more likely to take a swim like a duck. Early active water exposure dates back to puppies, just as socialization is important to everything. Play a cute little water splashing game with your Belgian Malinois dog to make it easier for them to learn to swim when they grow up.


Pay attention to the age structure of Belgian Malinois

It is worth noting that training the dog in this case is not important. That’s puppies that lack swimming muscle development. It’s better to wait for the Belgian Malinois to grow up. But it’s not just young Belgian Malinoisws, but also very old Belgian Malinoiswas. For an old Belgian Malinois, trying to swim can be dangerous and is not recommended.
Of course, age has different meanings for different dogs. No two Belgian Malinoiswas are of the same age or pace. So it really depends on whether you’re old or not. But I’m going to say that if your dog is eight years old or older and can’t swim yet, you should think about it. It may be too late for them to play water games now, but there are many other interesting things you can do with an older dog besides swimming.
Belgian Malinoiswas will also have a very difficult time because of their short legs. Fortunately, Malinois in Belgium is not small, so it doesn’t apply to them. One good thing is that unlike the hairy breed that sometimes carries weight, Belgian Malinoisirs have an excellent middle ground in their fur for swimming.