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Do Yorkies like to swim?

Do Yorkies like to swim? No, but they can. Yorkies may know how to swim but they hate such activity. Most people have a misperception that Yorkies love swimming just because they know how to.

As you read on, you will learn that not all Yorkies hate swimming. The reason why most Yorkies don’t like engaging in such activity is also discussed in the latter part of this article.


As stated, not all Yorkies like swimming, although they are born with such talent. Some Yorkies love swimming, and some are not. One of the reasons why is that they are simply afraid.

Just like any other dogs, Yorkies when being dragged to water to take a bath, tend to dislike it. What more if they dragged to a pool or on the beach during summer days. Keep in mind that they are afraid, that is why it is better to give them ample time to be comfortable with the water.

Let them check the water first then throwing it into the water. Throwing them isn’t a big help to them. But instead, you are giving them a reason to hate the water more.

Yorkies would like swimming if you let them familiarized with the water and let them know that you will be by their side always. If you see that the Yorkie likes it, go into the water first and encourage them to join you for a swim.

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Can yorkies swim?


Yes, most yorkie are good swimmers. Generally speaking, almost all dogs can swim, but the skill level is different. When the dog is in the water, the dog will paddle with the dog. Yorkie has something for him that makes him a moderately good swimmer. Yorkie has a fairly sleek body and light bone construction, which definitely helps. In addition, the silky softness of yorkie’s fur is an advantage in water; breeds with a very thick double coat will be affected. Finally, yorkie has a toughness factor. Despite the size of this breed, yorkie can be quite adventurous and determined. In the development of this breed, yorkie dogs are “mice”, not only chasing pests in factories, but also driving wild prey to corners in the wild. Although today’s yorkie is an indoor lapped dog, as long as the owner is nearby, things are gradual, and many yorkie dogs are very willing to accept the challenge.

Do all yorkie like swimming?

Yorkie can swim (as we have said, they are very good swimmers), but they are not born to swim like some other water dog breeds.

Some yorkie likes swimming, but some yorkies don’t. You need to test whether your yorkie likes swimming. When you take your dog swimming for the first time, you have to be close to him and supervise him. You can let him check himself, go in and out. See if he likes it. If he likes it, you can encourage him to swim to you first. Start with a short distance until he feels comfortable in the water.

Safety tips for yorkie swimming

You may find that your yorkie can have a lot of fun with you in the swimming pool. But, like many things, the key is to plan ahead, have what you need, and take safety precautions. Let’s take a look at the safety tips for yorkie swimming to help her enjoy the pool and how to stay safe.

Prepare for children’s swimming pool

Consider a children’s pool for your yorkie to swim. As with most new things, a step-by-step introduction helps prevent the dog from being frightened. What’s more, the children’s pool is a great way to help yorkie stay cool in the hot summer, and it’s also very easy to set up and maintain. You can keep the water in a few inches, and then add some floating toys. Although a dog can’t drown in a children’s pool, stay nearby to supervise, if your yorkie needs help, help him in and out, and pay close attention to things.

Keep the water temperature

The temperature of the pool should be at least 78 degrees Fahrenheit (25.5 degrees Celsius). It seems that a low temperature of 70 degrees will make people feel very comfortable and refreshing. But it’s too cold for people and dogs. The swimming pools in most hotels and resorts are comfortable at 82 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit (27 to 29 degrees Celsius), and if you want your yorkie to start swimming, that should be your goal (if you’re in charge of such things). It is particularly relevant that the summer season is coming, and although the air may be hot, the pool can still be far too cold for your puppy or dog to swim. In addition, the swimming pool is often much colder in the morning, a rainfall can make the temperature of the swimming pool drop quite a lot of degrees. If you don’t have a water heater in your swimming pool, there are some ways to heat the water, such as a solar heating pad floating on the water surface. Using the energy of the sun can not only heat the swimming pool, but also help prevent the heat from escaping at night. A swimming pool with an Intex solar cover that can be placed on the ground, as well as other sizes, is suitable for everything from small children’s swimming pools to large underground swimming pools.

Never throw your yorkie in water

Although the dog will paddle out of its survival instinct, it is definitely not a way to convey the pleasure of swimming. If you go into a big swimming pool with your dog, it’s best to catch him because he’s used to the feeling of being in the water.

Consider putting your yorkie in a life jacket. One of the problems with swimming is that dogs are easy to swim out, but soon get tired and have difficulty floating or returning to the water. Not to mention the pressure you may feel, whether it’s staying with your yorkie or staring at your dog, it’s going to take away the fun of being by the pool.

So, a comfortable life jacket can give your yorkie confidence, let him stay in the water longer, let you know that the possibility of drowning accident is much less.

Yorkie’s life jacket


Another great thing about having a life jacket, your yorkie, is that it can have a lot of situations, except when your yorkie is swimming in the pool. Dogs should wear one on any kind of boat, from speedboats to canoes. You may find a new summer hobby and know you can safely take your little boy or girl out boating with you or take a boat around a lake while camping. You must make sure the vest has a handle, which makes it very easy for it to catch your dog quickly, and if necessary, it can easily get in and out of the swimming pool and other water bodies.

You may wonder if there is a life jacket small enough for yorkie, and we are happy to say that there are several good options. Vivaglory adjustable dog life jacket is a high quality dog life jacket with 8 bright colors to choose from. What’s more, this super small size is designed for puppies with necks as small as 9.4 inches (28 cm). Of course, if your yorkie is bigger, it has a bigger size.

If your yorkie is very small and you’re not sure an extra one is small enough, think of it this way, a normal letter size is 8.5×11 inches. If you take the short end and make it meet end to end, you’ll see how small 8.5 inches it is. If you are not sure about the size of your yorkie, you can use a cloth tape measure to measure it accurately.

Another great option for yorkie is the playapup dog life jacket. Starting with the super small, this one is suitable for dogs with a 6-inch (15 cm) neck, a 13 inch (33 cm) chest and a 7-inch (18 cm) back. Of course, it’s increased in size by six increments, so a dog of any weight can be in perfect shape. There are five bright colors. Also, a good feature of this is that it has a pad under the neck to help the dog keep the water above his head.

Always alert to yorkie’s security

If your dog is wearing a life jacket, you don’t need to keep your eyes on it, but that doesn’t mean you should go away. If you’re the only one by the pool and you have to go in for whatever reason, move your yorkie and bring your dog in.

Apply sunscreen to yorkie

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that dogs get sunburned, but they certainly do, and it’s common for them to be exposed to too much ultraviolet light when Yorkie swimming. Water itself has little effect on sunscreen. At about 1.5 feet underwater, only about 40% of the UV rays penetrate, but most yorkie dogs are too small to take them into account. In addition, a type of ultraviolet light called “long ultraviolet” or UVA is reflected on the water surface, increasing the total exposure by 25%. Overexposure to ultraviolet light is one of the causes of squamous cell carcinoma. Squamous cell carcinoma is a skin cancer that can develop in dogs. The nose is a common site of tumor. So, in the summer, if your yorkie dog is swimming or just basking in the sun with you for more than 30 minutes, you should use sunscreen to protect your dog.

Wash your yorkie after swimming

If a pool is chlorinated, these chemicals must be washed out immediately after your yorkie has finished swimming. Otherwise, the residue can seriously dry the skin and fur. You’ll want to have a good rinse with your child’s favorite shampoo and massage in the conditioner for 5 minutes. If you can’t do that at a friend’s house or anywhere else, at least rinse your yorkie thoroughly with fresh water. Note that salt water is very dry for skin and hair. Therefore, you also need to wash after swimming in salt water.


How to teach your yorkie to swim?

If your yorkie is comfortable with water, you should be able to start swimming easily. For most dogs, swimming is natural if they are relaxed and comfortable in the water. When I teach yorkie to swim, I like to put a life jacket on the dog in case it panics or freezes in the water. One of the vests has a handle on the back, which calms me down and helps me get him out quickly if necessary.

Yorkie in a life jacket has many ways to make your yorkie like swimming, depending on his age and thirst for water. If you have a young yorkie, take it for a swim!