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Do Yorkies get attached to one person?

Do Yorkies get attached to one person? Gorgeous Pets, a Yorkshire Terrier breeder, states that their attachment range depends on their gender — with male Yorkies often forming a closer bond with one person, and female Yorkies tending to bond with many people equally.

Yorkshire Terriers, or Yorkies, have humble beginnings as rat catchers in textile mills and mines in 19th century England. Today, this dog breed is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world because of its fun personality and energy. If you are a Yorkie owner, you may be wondering whether or not Yorkies get attached to other people.


Yorkies has two kinds of separation anxiety. Some yorkies feel pressure when their host is away, but if they are with someone, they can handle it. There are also some people who are too attached to only one person. No matter who they are with, they will have pressure to deal with separation effectively. Yorkies is a human bond comparable to Velcro. When the dogs leave, they still feel stressed, no matter what, even if there is another person at home they are familiar with.

Why do yorkies get attached to their owners?

Yorkies tend to be overly attached to one person and indifferent to others. In general, those in the work area may be inclined to this quality because some people have a history of being selectively bred to work with humans. Yorkies is a kind of breed that likes to be attached to its owner. It only has strong attachment to one person. Of course, any other dog, including mixed breed dog, will have separation anxiety. However, natural tendency is not the only culprit. Some people become Vickers through learning or negative experiences. Those who are abandoned, lose their owners and then resettle, yorkies may live in the fear of being abandoned, and therefore may have excessive attachment. Others learn to be clingy because their owners often unconsciously reward clingy behavior. Many owners are flattered by these anxieties, because yorkies sees them as a symbol of loyalty, proving that they mean the world to their pets.

How to make yorkies not sticky?

If you’re always focused on your yorkies, the moment you leave home can make a big difference. It’s true, especially when you are about to leave, when you come home after you leave, you show great concern and love. This is in sharp contrast to feed separation anxiety. When you go home, you should say hello in a very low key and don’t care too much when you go out. Turn on the radio when you are at home and turn it on when you leave (if you turn on the radio only when you leave, or if you always turn it off when you leave, yorkies will only be another signal to leave). You can use over-the-counter DAP diffusers (you can spray dog soothing pheromones) to help those who are quite anxious, but some may need veterinary prescription drugs to help yorkies learn how to better deal with their anxiety. These drugs should be accompanied by behavior modification employed by knowledgeable trainers or behavior consultants.


But with many sources claiming that Yorkies attach to one person only and no one else, and others stating the opposite, it can be confusing to figure your beloved Yorkie out. In this post, we will find out by hearing stories from Yorkie owners if Yorkies do get attached to one person only, or with other people too. If you would like to have your own Yorkshire Terriers, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.