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Do toy fox terriers get along with cats?

Toy Fox Terriers are great companion dogs, but Toy Fox terriers is one of several breeds that are not suitable for cats. Toy Fox terriers is lively, smart and very active. Toy Fox Terriers are born hunters and don’t always like other pets. However, Toy Fox terriers adores their own people and usually prefers to be the only animal in the family.

Toy Fox terriers is not suitable for families with cats

Originally belonging to farmers who need to help eliminate pests and drive foxes from underground nests, Toy Fox Terriers are rarely used for hunting, but they still maintain their drive and determination. A bright, brave breed, sleek Fox Terrier likes to play and needs regular exercise to take advantage of its positive nature. It’s a kind of protective breed. It’s easy to bark at strangers. Toy Fox terriers is a good watchdog. We don’t recommend that Toy Fox terriers live in a cat family, because Toy Fox terriers has high prey driving power.

Safety of Toy Fox Terriers and cats

Ordinary Toy Fox terriers have a strong appetite for hunting. For cats, it is not a safe companion. These dogs are raised to wash, chase and trap foxes, and Toy Fox terriers instinctively view small animals as prey. Even if you raise your Toy Fox terriers from childhood, you can’t train them to get rid of the genetic urge to hunt. When Toy Fox terriers track your cat or neighbor’s cat or other escaping animals, this breed of Toy Fox terriers has a higher risk than other breeds of dogs. Toy Fox terriers may not respond to your command, so Toy Fox terriers may chase cats when they are with cats. Toy Fox terriers can’t get along with cats

Potential exceptions to Toy Fox Terriers and cats

Some Toy Fox terriers can live in peace with cats, but it’s important not to take risks. For example, if you get a rescue Toy Fox terriers, it should be good with kittens, don’t just assume it’s true, and take your family’s peaceful life for granted. Toy Fox terriers is unusually mellow and can spend their lives coexisting with cats, but the case has been staged, that is, two pets get along for many years, and then, for no obvious reason, Fox Terrier turns to his cat mate. No matter how your Toy Fox terriers behave, don’t let Toy Fox terriers be alone with your cat. You can keep Toy Fox terriers in a crate, or you can keep Toy Fox terriers safely in a different room. Buy a Toy Fox Terrier.

Choose the right dog for your cat

One of the main reasons why Toy Fox terriers finally entered the rescue and shelter was the conflict with other pets. Before you buy any animals in your home, make sure that this applies to everyone – dogs, cats and people. Toy Fox terriers is not an easy breed to introduce to families and other pets. If you’re looking for a puppy companion for your cat, you need to consider a different breed or mix of dogs that have a good track record with kittens, and Toy Fox terriers can’t get along well with cats. If you want to find a partner for your Toy Fox terriers, your best choice is another dog rather than a cat, because Toy Fox terriers can’t get along with cats. However, before you make a decision, be sure to introduce this dog, because some Toy Fox terriers just don’t get along well with other animals. Females of this breed tend to dislike other females very much, so if you have a Boy Toy Fox terriers, you’d better sterilize him. Pay attention to your Toy Fox terriers dog’s preferences, it may become your only pet, you should also pay attention to the relationship between Toy Fox Terriers and cats.‘