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Do Tibetan spaniels like to swim?

Is your Tibetan Spaniel running excitedly to every water area? Maybe you can’t walk across a stream or pond without your dog diving. Or your Tibetan Spaniel treats water like an enemy and does everything to keep it dry. Every dog is wet, and not every dog is born different. But can all Tibetan Spaniel swim? Not all Tibetan Spaniel are born swimmers.


The importance of the Tibetan Spaniel life jacket

Buying and installing a dog flotation device is the first step in the Tibetan Spaniel swimming course. You need to buy a life jacket that suits your dog. No matter what breed you are, you always hope that Tibetan Spaniel’s first swimming is fun, not terrible. That is to say, you should never throw your dog into the water. You should let him think of his own way. It’s not only a terrible idea to throw a puppy or a puppy into the water, but in fact, it can damage the dog’s courage to swim all his life. Swimming is courage. That’s another reason for life jackets. People who swim in life jackets for the first time will feel more confident and therefore braver than those who don’t. Another reason for new swimmers to put on life jackets is front-wheel drive. In other words, Tibetan spaniel, who learned to swim, would only paddle with his front feet, while his hind legs would hang down, usually to find the bottom. “On the other hand, if you put a life jacket on a dog, the dog’s back will be level with the water. When the dog’s back is level, it comes to the idea that they actually have “four-wheel-drive” and all four paw oars. Your dog is moving smoothly and confidently in the water before you realize it.

Choose Tibetan Spaniel’s flotation device

Whether your Tibetan spaniel is a new swimmer or one that needs extra buoyancy, be sure to choose the most appropriate life jacket style. Even experienced swimmers should wear suitable life jackets. Your dog may become tired or disoriented, and the extra buoyancy will contribute to safety and confidence. Finally, the dog flotation device is essential for rowing. If your dog falls from the boat, there may be turbulent water or a strong current. Life jackets can be used as life jackets.


How to teach your Tibetan Spaniel to swim?

When you start a dog swimming course, the key is that you lure the dog into the water with your floating device. Whether it’s playing with you or with toys, create an environment that encourages your dog to enter the water on its own. If your dog will come to you from the shore or edge, you can hold the dog in the water, hold the handle of the life jacket, let your dog paddle, do not pull the dog into the water, be sure to put on your own life jacket. If your dog panics, he may climb you to escape, especially with a big dog, which can put your safety at risk.
You can also find a friend to swim with your Tibetan spaniel. You can also arrange a time for your dog to watch another dog swim. If two dogs are friendly, let your dog follow the other dog and put on a life jacket. With this technology, your dog can observe and learn, but more importantly, you can see how interesting water is.