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Do teacup poodle puppies bite?

Many people think that teacup poodle‘s biting habit has nothing to worry about. However, after receiving the kiss from the poodle, I didn’t agree! Dog bites people, no matter the size, there is no lovely place! Take a look at these teacup poodle training tips to control bad behavior.


1. Find out why your teacup poodle bites

To stop a teacup poodle from biting, the first thing you have to do is figure out why she does it. More importantly, it determines where your training strategy needs to go. Maybe she thinks she’s just playing and doesn’t realize that her sharp little teeth are causing you pain. Maybe she’s teething and your hand is touching her sore gums. It’s so comfortable.
Maybe you keep the poodle in your purse all the time, she’s just angry! No, I’m kidding somewhat. She may be out of fear, anger, even a happy place. When she bites, track what happened to her and leave.

2. Play with your teacup poodle in the right way

While this advice applies to all age groups, it is particularly useful for those who need to know how to train a teacup poodle not to bite. Whether your teacup poodle bites because she is happy or angry, playing with her properly is the first step to stop her. First, you need to remove “offensive Games” from your daily life. I don’t think tug of war breeds aggression, but now, remove it from the equation.


3. Invest in proper chewing toys and bones

Do you want to know how to stop the teacup poodle from biting quickly? Take a look at the simple tips below and add one thing you should never do. When it comes to the right toys, you will certainly want to have a good choice of chewing toys and bones in hand to satisfy your teacup poodle’s impulse chewing. I love everything about King Kong. Their dog toys are just right for a Yorker. Nyirabang also makes great chewing toys. When I chew, I like villains. They are expensive, but a stick can be used with your teacup poodle for a while.