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Do Siberian Husky shed?

Husky is a well known Siberian dog, early life in the Cold Siberian region, full of thick body hair, so the coat hair loss is very common. But if Husky is losing coat hair all year round, and losing hair is bad, then pet owners need to pay attention to, maybe the owners of rearing some problems or disease caused, we need to pay attention to the adjustment. Many owners of Husky are particularly prone to shedding, especially Husky puppies, which shed a lot in the summer. Every day a comb sheds a lot of hair, a small bag at a time, so that less than a month, Husky puppies have no hair at all, leaving only the outer coarse hair. What should I do about my beloved Husky? Don’t worry, shedding or waxing is a common problem for Husky. Let’s take a look at some of the common causes of Husky’s hair loss and what to do about it:


1. Physical and seasonal coat hair loss

It doesn’t matter if it’s Husky or not, all dogs that shed during the growing season, after birth, and during the spring and autumn shedding season, and this is a perfectly normal physiological phenomenon, so pet owners shouldn’t worry too much. But be sure to use your pet’s special comb to comb more of Husky’s hair, and use a glue or vacuum cleaner to clean up loose dog hair and keep the house clean.

2. Eating a bad diet

If Husky usually eats too much salt, often eat some people to eat food or additives, spicy stimulating food, it is easy to have hair loss phenomenon. In addition, the Diet is unitary, when the hair lacks corresponding nutrition to nourish, also can have a year in the phenomenon of hair loss. For this reason, pet owners in Husky’s diet to light, low salt, and then pay attention to the diversification of food ingredients, appropriate to give it to eat some of the food is good for hair, such as egg yolk, carrots, Broccoli, salmon, etc., also can add a few beautiful hair powders directly in eating, such help it better supply hair nutrition, reduce hair loss.


3. Irrational bathing practices

Husky is a silly breed that tends to get dirty when playing outdoors, and some pet owners who aren’t careful may wash him too often, which can upset the acid-base balance of his skin, which caused it to lose its fur. In addition, we do not use human products to wash Husky, because the Ph of the skin will cause Dandruff and a large number of coat hair loss phenomenon, so pay attention to the use of pet-specific bath products.

4. Skin diseases and parasites

If Husky’s hair loss is severe, often accompanied by frequent itching and even partial depilation, the pet owner should consider whether there are parasites or skin problems. If it’s a fungal skin disease like dog ringworm, we’ll put a collar on Husky and medicate him. In the case of parasites, we should consult a veterinarian to use the appropriate deworming agent for deworming.