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Do Samoyeds shed?

Samoyed is like a small ball of white velvet with an angelic smile and is loved by people. Since Samoyeds have a lot of hair, shedding is also inevitable, which is a normal phenomenon. Especially when the dog is shedding during the changing season, if you have a samoyed in the house, you will really cry. In the air, the white fluffy hair on the clothes on the sofa is really blowing, which is really a headache. If the samoyed bitch season will also have the situation of hair loss. So we need to get rid of it in time, and it’s best to comb our hair every day so that the loss can be alleviated.



There are several possible reasons for hair loss in Samoyed:

1. Fungal skin disease in which hair falls off in large areas

2. There are parasites on your body, causing hair loss

3. The phenomenon of hair removal caused by endocrine disorders

4. Coat hair loss due to malnutrition

5. Seasonal depilation

6. Coat hair loss caused by congenital genetic factors or breeds

Ways to reduce hair removal in Samoyed:

1. We should comb Samoye every day to develop a good habit of grooming. We should use the pet grooming brush at least twice a day, especially several times during the depilation season, which can effectively alleviate the environmental problems caused by depilation.

2. If the Samoyed is not averse to wearing clothes, let’s dress him to reduce the loss of hair, but preferably choose non-sticky materials.

3. We should choose a professional pet hair washing agent, and the ingredients should be suitable for the dog, can reduce the amount of hair loss, is not good for the skin. A good hair remover also gives your dog a protective coating that protects them from parasites when they leave the house.

4. If the hair removal is caused by mites, we can go to the pet hospital to buy ointment and apply it to Xiao Sa according to the instructions.



1. Usually spring and autumn is the Samoyed hair changing season. During this period, dogs will take off their hair and put on new hair to adapt to summer and winter, so we should pay special attention to the hair changing season. And dogs that stay indoors and aren’t exposed to the sun may be prone to shedding fur throughout the year.

2. If A dog doesn’t have enough vitamin A and minerals, it can cause skin problems and hair loss, so if we find A nutritional problem, we check the dog’s food to see if there is A problem.

3. Sometimes dogs get sick or take drugs containing steroids, which may cause side effects and lead to hair removal. If this happens, we should report it to the doctor in time and follow the doctor’s instructions.