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Do Samoyeds get attached to one person?

First of all, Samoyed is a very docile breed, no doubt about it, but dogs are just like humans, and every dog is different. Just because a dog is not aggressive doesn’t mean the breed is not aggressive, after all, they are animals, and they have a sense of territory. If a dog enters samoyed territory without permission, then Samoyed will attack! And this is the consciousness of his instinct, which, though not so strong now, in certain circumstances can be tempted out. So, if we see Samoyed and the other dogs on everyone, if they meet, there’s a real possibility of a fight, and Samoyed is a medium to large breed, it’s very aggressive and very fast, it’s a bit of a horror show when it comes to biting other dogs. But Samoyed is friendly to the owner, cute in everyday life, and easy to get along with, but beware of walking the dog with a leash, in case something unexpected happens.


Does Samoyed Bite?

Samoyed is a very gentle dog, a natural companion for our family and a joy to be around, whether it’s an old person or a young child. So normally they don’t bite. But we all know that dogs have tempers, and when they are in danger, stressed, or fearful, they bite. There is also when they change teeth, their roots will become more painful itching, will want to bite something to grind teeth, this time to pay attention not to let them form the habit of biting.

What we should do if the Samoyed bites someone?

When we feed them, we must regularly inject them with deworming vaccines and Rabies vaccine, and when that happens, we must stop them in the first place. We need to treat the bite, and if the skin is only slightly scratched and the dog is vaccinated regularly, we just need to wash it with soap and soap. When the bite is deep, we should wash it with soapy water and rush to the hospital to give the bite rabies vaccine. In order to prevent them from biting people in daily life, their owners also have to carry out strict training and discipline, in their early ages, they are trained to develop a courteous and obedient character. Slowly wear down their impatient character, this will be good to avoid their biting phenomenon.


For new pet owners, buying a Samoyed can be a feeding experience, but what about dogs that want to bite people? The first thing is to make it understand that you’re a much better character than it is. We chained him up and then hit him on the nose with a small stick when he tried to attack others. The dog was most afraid of getting his nose hurt. With such a taste, he would never risk it again. Then every time we feed, we can put food in a cage, and then close the door of the cage, let it out of their own chaos smell good. After a while he feels frustrated and wants to give up, you show up, take the food out, and put it in front of him. This time it will understand that there are some things it must rely on you to do. This training can be very effective in demoralizing it.

This is also a well-known American zoologist in the long-term experiments summed up in a very practical approach. After a while, try to lead him out. When you meet someone you know well, stop and shake hands with him to make him understand that he is someone his master likes and that he can not be offended. At the same time, let it often play with the same species, the best start with a chain, lest it attacks the same species, when it has a desire to play with the same species, and no intention of attack, can open the chain. Finally, hide the Mat on which it sleeps every day and bring it back when it is sleepy and ready to sleep on the floor, every day. In a word, we should let it like all things, including toys, food and so on all have to rely on a human to get. Without Spirit, samoyed would not attack people so easily.