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Do Samoyeds Change Color?

The snow-white Samoyed is known as the “Smiling Angel”, which is appropriate for the level of appearance of a pet dog such as a Samoyed. Many Samoyeds owners are attracted by the beauty of the Samoyed, so they take them home and raise them carefully. But in the process of breeding only to find that their own dog hair will slowly turn yellow, the white color of the Samoyed becomes yellow. So what causes Samoyeds ‘ coat hair to change? There are several possible reasons.


1. Genetics

In many cases, the yellow color of the samoyed’s white hair is not the result of a lack of care from the owner, but rather the result of their own genes. It’s not that the yellowing hair of the Samoyed isn’t a purebred, it’s just that it’s a normal part of evolution, much like the way people are born with birthmarks. A friend’s Samoyed is a little yellow on the tip of his tail, but it’s not a big deal.

2. There’s something wrong with samoyed’s way of bathing

Bathing a snowy Samoyed can be very troublesome. Samoyed hair is not resistant to dirt. If you live in a smoggy city, you are likely to turn your white dog grey after washing it for a run. While it is rare for a Samoyed to have their hair turn yellow because they were not bathed in time, using human body wash or low-quality pet body wash while bathing can be very damaging to their hair.
We make sure to use quality pet shower gel when bathing Samoyeds. This is not to protect the skin of Samoyeds, but to protect their skin. Dogs’ skin PH is different from that of humans, and if the use of human body wash causes an imbalance in the acidity or alkalinity of their skin, yellow hair is likely to appear, and if the situation is serious, it can lead to serious skin problems. That’s not good for Samoyed’s health.


3. Samoyeis don’t have a balanced intake of nutrients

In feeding the beautiful Samoyed, people often choose the right food for them to eat, but sometimes they ignore what their bodies really need. This is not a healthy way to feed a dog, and while samoyed is happy to eat good food, their bodies gradually become dysfunctional. The change of coat color is just a relatively external performance, perhaps their internal body also appeared malnutrition and other problems.
Dogs need to be fed with a balanced diet. Generally, qualified dog food is the most common staple food for dogs. This is because dog food contains more balanced nutrients and is of great benefit to their bodies. If the dog is accustomed to eating meat, fruits, vegetables, and snacks at will, it will not only bring great pressure to their stomach but also may have a great impact on their physical health.